Munim Bappa, a thriving Free Fire content creator from Bangladesh, has built a successful presence on YouTube with his channel, 2F LoL Gamer. Within just three years, he has amassed an impressive following of over 1.82 million subscribers.

While gameplay videos are his primary focus, he also shares other game-related content to engage his audience. In addition to his main channel, Munim runs a second one called 2F LoL Family, which has garnered 110k subscribers. However, he hasn't posted any new content there recently. He also maintains a significant presence on Facebook, boasting over 11k followers.

2F LoL Gamer’s Free Fire ID and stats

For those curious about his Free Fire ID, 2F LoL Gamer's Free Fire ID is 876991120. He leads a guild named 2F LOL Gamer, with the ID 65012237. Currently, Munim is ranked in the Heroic tier in the ongoing BR-Ranked Season 34. He is also climbing the ranks in CS-Ranked Season 19, reaching Platinum 2.

2F LoL Gamer
2F LoL Gamer Free Fire profile and ID

Let's take a closer look at 2F LoL Gamer's current Free Fire stats:

BR Career Stats

2F LoL Gamer's Free Fire BR Career stats (Image via Garena)
2F LoL Gamer Free Fire lifetime stats in Battle Royale mode

In Solo encounters, 2F LoL Gamer has participated in 3,595 matches and secured 257 victories, resulting in a win rate of 7.14%. He has eliminated a total of 8,289 opponents, maintaining an impressive K/D ratio of 2.48.

Moving on to Duo matches, the Bangladeshi star player has taken part in 4,175 games and emerged victorious in 343 of them, achieving an 8.21% win rate. With 10,905 frags to his name, Munim maintains a solid K/D ratio of 2.85.

In Squad matches, 2F LoL Gamer has been part of 11,748 encounters, securing an impressive 1,571 wins, leading to a win rate of 13.37%. Moreover, he has an astounding 35,587 frags, resulting in a remarkable K/D ratio of 3.50.

BR Ranked Stats

2F LoL Gamer's Free Fire BR Ranked stats (Image via Garena)
2F LoL Gamer Free Fire Battle Royale Ranked stats

In the ongoing BR-Ranked Season 34, 2F LoL Gamer has played only 61 Squad games, achieving victory nine times and maintaining a win rate of 14.75%. His exceptional performance is evident in his 349 eliminations, resulting in an outstanding K/D ratio of 6.71. However, he has yet to participate in any Solo or Duo games in the ranked season.

Please bear in mind that these stats were recorded at the time of writing and will likely change as Munim continues to play more games within the title.

2F LoL Gamer Estimated Monthly Income

2F LoL Gamer's estimated monthly income (Image via Social Blade)
2F LoL Game monthly income form YouTube

Based on data from Social Blade, the 2F LoL Gamer channel's monthly revenue is estimated to fall within the range of $658 to $10.5K. Similarly, considering the present viewership, the content creator is expected to make between $7.9K and $126.2K.

2F LoL Gamer YouTube Channel

Munim Bappa established the 2F LoL Gamer channel over three years ago and has since uploaded 300 videos, averaging around 100 uploads per year. Remarkably, these videos have accumulated over 166 million views, along with attracting a million-plus subscribers to the platform.

In recent months, Munim's channel has experienced steady growth, driven by decent viewership and an increase in subscribers. As per Social Blade data, he has gained over 10k subscribers and his videos have been watched over 2.63 million times.

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