The Genshin Impact version 3.8 update has brought a reset to the enemy line-up in the Spiral Abyss. Fortunately, the new cycle is less challenging than the previous one. While the number of enemies on Floor 12 has increased significantly compared to the last reset, Consecrated Beasts are absent this time. However, players should be aware of the presence of Rifthounds, making a reliable healer crucial for team survival.

Additionally, there are a few formidable adversaries in the latter part of Floor 12. Nevertheless, overall, the new cycle proves to be relatively easy. This article aims to recommend the best teams in Genshin Impact for achieving a nine-star completion on both halves of the final floor of the Spiral Abyss.

1. Childe Vaporize team

This team is definitely one of the most powerful rosters to get full 9 stars in Spiral Abyss floor 12.

Childe Vaporize
Childe, Kazuha, Xiangling, Bennett.

This party has a notable advantage in being effective in both single-target (ST) and area-of-effect (AoE) situations. The inclusion of a Hydro DPS character like Childe proves particularly beneficial when facing the Pyro Abyss Lector in the initial chamber.

Moreover, Bennett offers healing support, ensuring players are protected from corrosion and minimizing concerns of sustaining fatal damage.

Although most team members are essential, Genshin Impact players who lack Kazuha can opt for Sucrose as an alternative.

2. Ayaka freeze team

With Ayaka, Shenhe, Kokomi, and Kazuha in the team, Ayaka freeze is also one of the best teams for Spiral Abyss 3.8 in Genshin Impact, especially Floor 12.

Ayaka Freeze Team
Best teams for Spiral Abyss 3.8: Ayaka Freeze team

Utilizing a freeze team can prove highly advantageous in tackling the abundance of enemies in both the first and second chambers. The Rifthounds and Shadowy Husks can be particularly troublesome due to their high mobility or formidable attacks.

In such cases, using freezing techniques to freeze them while unleashing damage with Ayaka can serve as an excellent strategy.

Furthermore, this team excels against the Mirror Maiden in the third chamber. Freezing her impedes her frequent teleportation, granting a significant advantage in combat.

3. Nahida Hyperbloom team

All four characters in this team, Raiden Shogun, Yelan, Nahida, Zhongli, are the best at their job.

Nahida Bloom Team
One of the best teams for Spiral Abyss 3.8: Nahida Hyperbloom.

The combination of Raiden Shogun, Nahida, and Yelan forms a formidable Hyperbloom team that is renowned for its exceptional DPS capabilities. The lineup is among the optimal choices for the latter part of Floor 12, particularly when facing ASIMON and Primal Constructs.

Although Zhongli is not essential, his inclusion in the team offers some flexibility. By deploying his shield, Genshin Impact players can conveniently disregard enemy attacks, eliminating the need to constantly dodge and enabling them to utilize their time more efficiently.

Moreover, Zhongli possesses the ability to provide buffs to his teammates while simultaneously debuffing enemies, further enhancing the team's overall performance.

4. Hu Tao vape and overload team

This team includes Xingqiu, Yelan, Fischl, and Hu Tao.

Xingqiu Yelan Fischl Hu Tao
Double Hydro team.

Undoubtedly, Hu Tao is recognized as one of the most potent DPS in Genshin Impact. When paired with Xingqiu and Xiangling, they form a formidable combination capable of generating an immense amount of DPS, effortlessly clearing most game content. Fortunately, the reduced number of enemies in the latter half of Floor 12 enhances the effectiveness of this team.

Including Fischl in this party proves highly beneficial due to her exceptional single-target damage output. Additionally, her presence enables Hu Tao to trigger overload and vaporize reaction damage. Moreover, Fischl's remarkable energy regeneration facilitates Xingqiu to equip more potent weapons, further amplifying the overall DPS.

5. Alhaitham Spread team

Alhaitham Spread Team
Best teams for Spiral Abyss 3.8: Alhaitham Spread roster

At present, Alhaitham stands out as the premier Dendro main DPS character in Genshin Impact, showcasing excellent synergy with various other units in the game. To maximize his potential, you can pair him with an Electro unit to trigger powerful elemental reactions, thereby significantly amplifying the overall Dendro DPS output.

Indeed, Nahida is often considered the optimal support choice for Alhaitham due to their compatibility and synergy. Players also have the option to select the Dendro main character as alternative support for Alhaitham.

For Electro support options, Fischl and Kuki are highly regarded as excellent choices. Those who focus on free-to-play can use them to enhance team composition and elemental reactions.

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