8 Most Beautiful Soulsborne Locations, Ranked

Muhammad Kumar - Aug 03, 2023 | PC/Console

Regardless of danger, some Soulsborne locations are absolutely adorable, just watch out for those backstabs whilst bewildered.

Soulsborne games stand among the most formidable gaming experiences ever crafted, characterized by their arduous boss battles and unforgiving difficulty, leaving players with very little room for error. The prevailing sense of desolation that pervades most of these games hardly allows players a moment to pause and appreciate their surroundings fully.

Despite the prevailing gloom in the Soulsborne universe, players can still find glimpses of breathtaking beauty in some of the game's locations. Often, these stunning vistas are brought to life through gothic or medieval architectural designs, while others draw inspiration from earthly and natural settings, such as serene beaches and tranquil waters.

8. Lothric Castle (Dark Souls 3)

Lothric Castle plays a pivotal role in Dark Souls 3, and players will traverse this area several times throughout the game's storyline. The castle's intricate layout offers players an awe-inspiring experience, with its towering walls offering stunning vistas and panoramic views. At the castle's pinnacle, a formidable challenge awaits in the form of the Twin Princes, Lothric, and Lorian, testing players' strength and resolve.

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Lothric Castle

Navigating the castle's lengthy halls and expansive corridors instills a sense of apprehension in players, as they must confront dangerous enemy knights capable of launching vicious and unpredictable attacks. Despite its formidable state, the castle remains a remarkable marvel, serving as a resilient bastion in a world teetering on the brink of oblivion.

7. Miquella's Haligtree (Elden Ring)

Miquella's Haligtree, an Elden Ring location, poses a significant challenge as it leads to one of the toughest boss fights in the Soulsborne universe. Initially, navigating this area can be perplexing, starting at the tree's peak and requiring players to descend carefully. The thick branches present a precarious footing, and the aggressive creatures residing within can easily knock players off, adding to the frustration and difficulty of the journey, even with the ability to jump and roll.

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Miquella's Haligtree

The Haligtree itself is a breathtaking spectacle, an enormous and towering landmark that evokes a sense of awe and insignificance in the player. The battle with Malenia at the tree's base adds weight to the demanding journey downwards, offering a sense of fulfillment for those with enough strength and determination to defeat her.

6. Majula (Dark Souls 2)

Majula's serene beauty is etched in the memories of only a few fortunate souls. Positioned on the brink of a steep cliff, overlooking the crashing waves, this picturesque location offers players an unparalleled sense of tranquility upon their first arrival, setting it apart from any other starting hub in the Soulsborne games.

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As players revisit Majula often to level up, it becomes a familiar sanctuary, providing respite from the constant perils that await in other parts of the world. Accompanied by a delicate and chiming theme, the exploration of Majula offers players a comforting feeling of being almost at home.

5. Fountainhead Palace (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

Following an arduous battle against the True Monk in three formidable phases, players of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are rewarded with a breathtaking sight—the partially submerged beauty of Fountainhead Palace. Advancing through this area feels deeply satisfying, as players swing from magnificent Sakura trees to explore ancient, forsaken ruins on their path to reach the majestic palace.

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Fountainhead Palace

Fountainhead Palace boasts a vast lake, home to the Great Colored Carp, and exudes an aura of royal opulence. Within its confines lie numerous smaller areas awaiting Sekiro's exploration, each teeming with challenging adversaries and obstacles that test the player's skills and determination throughout the journey.

4. Forsaken Cainhurst Castle

Cainhurst Castle, abandoned and nestled atop a snow-capped mountain in Bloodborne, stands as a marvel of architecture, a mere echo of its former grandeur. Once the illustrious home of the Vilebloods, the castle's corridors now bear witness to their tragic demise, haunting the place with lingering spirits and apparitions.

Bloodborne Fan Shares Stunning Painting Of Cainhur
Forsaken Cainhurst Castle

As players wander through the forsaken halls, an unyielding sense of despair envelops them, confronting the dread of exploring a once-powerful and thriving abode now reduced to a haunting shell. Beauty and horror merge within its walls, beckoning players to venture forth and unravel the enigmatic mysteries concealed within its depths.

3. Anor Londo (Dark Souls)

Anor Londo stands as one of the most iconic places in the Soulsborne series, making appearances in both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3. Its flawless replication showcases an intricate and majestic design, rich with immense detail. Within Anor Londo lies the memorable and formidable boss battle featuring the powerful duo of Ornstein and Smough, posing a significant challenge for players and resulting in a dramatic spike in difficulty compared to previous areas in the game.

Dark Souls Anor Londo With Character
Anor Londo

Under a dimly lit sun, Anor Londo presents an illusion crafted by Gwyndolin to maintain the Age Of Fire, masquerading as the beloved princess Gwynevere. However, killing Gwyndolin after obtaining the Darkmoon Seance Ring dispels the illusion permanently, revealing the city in its true darkness, devoid of false sunlight and sinking it into a state of eternal and desolate hopelessness.

2. Leyndell (Elden Ring)

Arriving in Leyndell for the first time is an unforgettable memory, standing out prominently in the vast and enchanting world of Elden Ring. Leyndell's grandeur is matched only by its breathtaking beauty, with its meandering alleyways and flawlessly crafted architecture exuding an air of regal splendor that effortlessly captivates.

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Beside the city's foundations stands the imposing Erdtree, a colossal presence that grants players a close-up view of its majestic magnificence upon entering the legendary city. Throughout Leyndell, a pervasive golden-yellow hue adorns many buildings, evoking a sense of prosperity and opulence that once thrived within this vibrant city. The gleaming color further solidifies the notion that Leyndell was once a flourishing and affluent metropolis.

1. Irithyll Of The Boreal Valley (Dark Souls 3)

After defeating Wolnir, players advance to the universally adored Irithyll Of The Boreal Valley, an arrival that leaves them awestruck on their first visit and even captivated on subsequent playthroughs.

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Irithyll Of The Boreal Valley

The majestic and gothic architecture lends the city an air of grandeur, immediately elevating its status. What makes the arrival to Irithyll truly impactful is the striking contrast with the preceding area, The Catacombs of Carthus. Escaping the gloomy catacombs and their skeletal adversaries, players feel a sense of relief as they enter the breathtaking beauty of Irithyll. However, this location is not without its dangers, as Pontiff Knights can easily overwhelm unwary players. It proves to be a fitting setting for one of the game's toughest boss battles, as players ascend its streets to confront the formidable foe and revel in the splendor of Irithyll along the way.

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