Combat takes center stage in Final Fantasy 16, where enemy encounters play a vital role in your gameplay experience. The game's meticulous attention to detail and wide array of abilities at your disposal ensure that battles are the most crucial element of your journey. To excel in combat, it's essential to adapt your weaponry and Eikon abilities, while also selecting the right accessories to enhance your loadout.

8. Dire Wolf Jess

The Dire Wolf Jess accessory proves invaluable in combat, especially when executing your standard combo—a fierce series of slashes culminating in a powerful sword swing. Strengthening your combo attacks is an effective way to increase your overall power, making the Dire Wolf Jess accessory a valuable asset. Equipping this accessory grants a five percent damage increase to your combo attacks, amplifying your attack power as you chain your swings together. Although the percentage increase may appear modest, the cumulative effect becomes significant due to the multitude of hits. Obtain the Dire Wolf Jess from the Patron's Whisper after earning 295 Renown.

Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot Of Dire Wolf Jess Acce
Dire Wolf Jess

7. Genji Gloves

Similar to the Dire Wolf Jess, the Genji Gloves provide a straightforward means of boosting your attack output. Equipping these gloves grants a five percent damage increase against all enemies, ensuring a heightened offensive capability across the board. Unlike the combo-boosting Dire Wolf Jess, the Genji Gloves enhance damage output universally, allowing you to diversify your battle strategies while reaping the accessory's benefits. Acquire the Genji Gloves by reaching 2,365 Renown.

Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot Of Genji Gloves And Cl
Genji Gloves

6. Cleric's Medallion +1

Even the most skilled players are bound to endure damage in Final Fantasy 16, given the ferocity of the game's enemies. It's always advisable to keep a few healing items at hand, such as the common potions found throughout Valisthea. The Cleric's Medallion, obtained by defeating the flying monster Chirada in Lostwing, provides some assistance when you find yourself taking significant damage. This accessory boosts the potency of potions by 20 percent, ensuring that each consumed potion restores a bit more health. For a more substantial increase, aim to obtain the Cleric's Medallion +1 at 205 Renown, which grants a 40 percent boost in potion effectiveness. Alternatively, the High Cleric's Medallion at 715 Renown provides a 25 percent bonus to high potions.

Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot Of Clerics Medallion A
Cleric's Medallion +1

5. Badge Of Might +1

Battling and leveling up are essential aspects of progressing steadily in your FF16 journey. With each new level, Clive's individual stats, including Attack, Defense, and Health, increase, enhancing his overall capabilities. To further augment Clive's Attack stat, equip the Badge Of Might, acquired after defeating the Midnight Raven in the Greatwood. This standard version of the badge adds seven points to your Attack power. For even greater impact, obtain the Badge Of Might +1 by completing the "Caulk and Bawl" side quest, which further increases your attack by 12.

Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot Of Badge Of Might
Badge Of Might +1

4. Badge Of Mettle +1

In the face of increasingly challenging foes, having a high defensive stat is crucial for survival in FF16. If leveling up alone does not provide sufficient defense, equipping the Badge Of Mettle becomes a viable option. Upon completing the "Food for Thought" side quest, Clive receives the Badge Of Mettle, which increases Defense by ten points. However, the Badge Of Mettle +1, obtained after finishing the "A Culinary Pilgrimage" side quest, outshines its predecessor by raising Defense by 30 points.

Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot Of Badge Of Mettle
Badge Of Mettle +1

3. Adamantite Gauntlets

No matter how formidable your Attack or Defense stats may be, certain enemies will deliver punishing blows. To withstand substantial damage, it's beneficial to have a sizable health bar beyond the reliance on potions and elixirs. The late-game discovery of the Adamantite Gauntlets significantly aids in this regard. These gauntlets increase your HP by a staggering 500, providing a substantial cushion for tough battles. Find the Adamantite Gauntlets in a treasure chest at the Edge of Infinity obelisk in Waloed.

Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot Of Adamantite Gauntlet
Adamantite Gauntlets

2. Channeler's Whispers

Magic possesses the ability to alter the course of a battle by introducing projectiles and elemental damage that can break through barriers. Maximizing the potential of your magic abilities, particularly their fully-charged variation, becomes crucial. Enter the Channeler's Whispers accessory, designed to streamline this process. Equipping the Channeler's Whispers ensures that your magic ability continuously charges, eliminating the need to hold down the respective button for charging. With this accessory, you can freely engage in melee attacks, knowing that your magic projectile will be fully charged and ready to unleash when required. Unlock the Channeler's Whispers accessory at Charon's Toll for 20,000 gil.

Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot Of Channelers Whispers
Channeler's Whispers

1. Berserker Ring

One of the trickiest yet most rewarding mechanics in Final Fantasy 16 is the Perfect Dodge, enabling you to momentarily evade enemy attacks. Mastering the timing of this maneuver proves invaluable, allowing you to not only evade incoming blows but also immediately counter with your own attack. The Berserker Ring stands as one of the game's premier accessories, augmenting this already rewarding mechanic. Equipping the Berserker Ring enhances your Perfect Dodge's counterattack, infusing it with a cinematic flair and a burst of Eikonic energy that ignites your sword in flames. Acquire this powerful accessory as a reward for reaching 85 Renown at the Patron's Whisper.

Final Fantasy 16 Screenshot Of Berserker Ring Desc
Berserker Ring

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