Abhinav Dubey, widely recognized as Abhinav Gaming, has emerged as a prominent Indian Free Fire content creator, focusing his efforts on producing captivating videos centered around Garena Free Fire. With a channel that has been active for the past few years, Abhinav Gaming has garnered a substantial following, resonating with thousands of avid viewers. His current subscriber base rests at an impressive 316 thousand, while the total view count has soared to an astonishing 20 million.

Diversifying his content strategy, Abhinav Gaming also showcases his skills through live streaming on Facebook, where his charisma has attracted an impressive following of 300 thousand devoted followers.

Abhinav Gaming Free Fire ID and stats

Abhinav Gaming's Free Fire journey is marked by his distinctive Free Fire ID, 396562496, reflecting his journey through the virtual battlegrounds. Notably, his in-game level is 79. As the leader of the "GANGSTER" guild, his impact extends beyond personal gameplay, contributing to the collective experience of fellow players. The Guild ID for "GANGSTER" is identified as 62977428.

Abhinav Gaming
Abhinav Gaming Free Fire ID

A glimpse into Abhinav Gaming's rank reveals his accomplishments, with a Heroic rank attained in BR-Ranked Season 34 and Silver III in CS-Ranked Season 20.

BR Career Stats

 BR Career stats of Abhinav Gaming within the game (Image via Garena)
Abhinav Gaming lifetime stats in Battle Royale mode in Free Fire

Abhinav Gaming has etched his mark across 2369 solo matches, emerging victorious on 196 occasions, boasting an impressive win rate of 8.27%. In terms of eliminations, he has secured 3720 frags, establishing a commendable K/D ratio of 1.71.

The duo matches showcase his prowess further, having clinched triumph in 447 out of 3410 encounters, translating to a win rate of 13.10%. With a total of 7257 kills, his K/D ratio stands at a commendable 2.45.

In the realm of squad matches, Abhinav Gaming's dominance is evident, having emerged victorious in 2671 out of 12374 engagements, contributing to a remarkable win rate of 21.58%. His remarkable elimination tally rests at an impressive 32066, resulting in an enviable K/D ratio of 3.30.

BR Ranked Stats

These are Abhinav Gaming's BR Ranked stats in the battle royale title (Image via Garena)
Abhinav Gaming ranked stats in Battle Royale mode in Free Fire

Within the ongoing BR-Ranked Season 34, Abhinav Gaming has participated in a solo match, albeit without clinching victory or securing a kill.

Delving into duo matches, his prowess shines through, triumphing in 15 out of 29 ranked encounters, culminating in an exceptional win rate of 51.72%. Notably, his K/D ratio ascends to an impressive 8.79, with a total of 123 frags attributed to his name.

In the sphere of ranked squad matches, Abhinav Gaming's expertise remains undiminished. With 17 victories out of 77 engagements, he boasts a win rate of 22.07%. The elimination count stands at 217, resulting in a commendable K/D ratio of 3.62.

Abhinav Gaming YouTube Channel

Abhinav Gaming embarked on his content creation journey on YouTube a few years ago, capturing the essence of the gaming world. With a portfolio of 620 uploads, his videos captivate the audience. Notably, one of his most prominent videos, featuring DJ Alok, garnered an impressive 1.4 million views.

The influence of Abhinav Gaming extends beyond his videos, as evidenced by the traction he has gained. Over the past 30 days, his videos have garnered 13.689 thousand views, signifying his continued resonance within the gaming community.

Intriguingly, while the view count has flourished, there has been a minor reduction of one thousand subscribers within the same time frame, as highlighted by Social Blade's insights.

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