Genshin Impact 4.0 is coming soon. The details of the upcoming events were unveiled during the Special Livestream Program a few days ago. Let's take a quick preview of these events in Fontaine's Update here.

Genshin Impact 4 0 Events
Check out upcoming events in Genshin Impact 4.0.

#1. Mega Meka Melee

Mega Meka Melee is the first new event in the Court of Fontaine. Participants will complete commissions given by the Leschots Clockwork Workshop's owners, such as:

  • Torrential Turbulent Charge with exciting Underwater Trials;
  • Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena with interesting combat challenges;
  • Dance Dance Resolution with Toy Adventurer dancing based on music rhythm.

It's also the biggest event in the next update in which you can get a free 4-star character - Bennett and tons of valuable rewards.

Genshin Mega Meka Melee Event
Mega Meka Melee Event features many interesting minigames with tons of rewards.

#2. Studies in Light and Shadow: A Fontaine of Enchantment

Studies in Light and Shadow is a rerun event that took place in many previous updates. It's a picture-capturing event in which you have to use the Kamera to take pictures of different targets in this nation.

At this event, you will receive a new water-proof camera made in Fontaine for underwater photography. This is a 420-Primogem event with six missions in six photo-taking spots. Each completed mission with all-fulfilled objectives gives you 70 Primogems.

A Fontaine Of Enchantment
Studies in Light and Shadow is a photography event.

#3. Relic Records: Creations of the Hydro Nation

Relic Records is an exciting collection event. Participants have to collect the required items in different places all over Fontaine. There are six daily missions. You should check out the objectives of these missions to collect enough items and claim rewards. Here's how to play this event:

  • Check the items and their required quantities in the event menu;
  • Navigate the collective area and head to the site;
  • Check the spots of marked items on the minimap and collect them.

Participants can earn 420 Primogems to get two Fates for new characters or rerun banners in the following updates.

Creations Of The Hydro Nation
Learn about the Creations of the Hydro Nation in the upcoming event.

#4. Verdict of Blades

Verdict of Blades is a new combat event. Participants have to defeat dangerous and formidable enemies in the allotted time. There are three levels of difficulty: Perilous, Quandry, and Desperate. But you can use Blade Mirage Effects to buff your team and clear enemies faster. Obviously, selecting the proper characters and effects is essential to win the Verdict of Blades event.

Verdict Of Blades
Prepare a powerful team and the best combat skills to take part in Verdict of Blades.

#5. Ley Line Overflow

Ley Line Overflow is a familiar event for most players. It's a chance for them to farm Mora and Hero's Wits. Use your Resin and spend time clearing enemies to claim tons of Mora and materials for character Level-Up.

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