Armor customization is something players have been asking Mojang for years, and finally, with the 1.20 update, the feature was officially added in the form of armor trims. However, these items need to be acquired from the Minecraft world and cannot be crafted manually.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a list of all armor trim locations in Minecraft 1.20 and how to get them.

Minecraft Armor Trims All
All armor trims Minecraft

Location of All Armor Trims Minecraft

Players need to get to the following locations to find all armor trims Minecraft:

Name Location
Sentry Armor Trim Pillager Outpost
Dune Armor Trim Desert Pyramid
Coast Armor Trim Shipwreck
Wild Armor Trim Jungle Temple
Tide Armor Trim Ocean Monument
Ward Armor Trim Ancient City
Vex Armor Trim Woodland Mansion
Rib Armor Trim Nether Fortress
Snout Armor Trim Bastion Remnant
Eye Armor Trim Stronghold
Spire Armor Trim End City

While some are pretty straightforward to find, some others are rare and might require players to kill a particular powerful mob.

Sentry Armor Trim

The Sentry Armor Trim in Minecraft 1.20 spawns in the chest on the top of Pillager Outposts in the overworld. Overall it is the easiest armor trim to acquire compared to the others.

Sentry Armor Trim
Sentry Armor Trim in Pillager outpost

It looks fairly simple and only adds simple stripes to your armor. The helmet is probably the best part, as its stripes look like the eyes and noses of various mobs in-game. The chest plate looks mostly the same, however.

Dune Armor Trim

This particular trim is from the hidden chest in the underground room of Minecraft Desert Temples. Players need to dodge a TNT trap while collecting them. The best part is that the temple has 4 chests so players can get multiple templates in just one run.

Dune Armor Trim
Dune Armor Trim in Desert Temple

The Dune pattern looks fairly similar to the exterior of the temple.

Coast Armor Trim

Players can find Coast Armor Trims inside shipwreck chests in the overworld, which are not that hard to find. However, the number of chests in each shipwreck is random - sometimes there is no chest spawn. Because of that, finding this trim is a bit more tedious.

Additionally, underwater exploration might require additional preparations.

Coast Armor Trim
Coast Armor Trim in Shipwreck

Appearance-wise, this armor trim is probably worth the effort to find, as players will get a sleek strip design with a downward curve.\

Wild Armor Trim

The Wild armor trim spawns inside jungle temple chests, amid boobie traps and darkness. It adds a crystal-shaped icon to your chest and back with strips coming out of it.

Wild Armor Trim
Wild Armor Trim in Jungle Temple

Overall it can be hard or easy to find, depending on your seed.

Tide Armor Trim

The Tide Armor Trim is the only Smithing Armor Template that doesn’t spawn inside a chest in Minecraft. Players need to find an Ocean Monument underwater and kill the Elder Guardian mob inside it for the drop. Exploring the location and defeating the mob can be a bit tricky, as players will need water breathing and good gear.

Tide Armor Trim
Tide Armor Trim in Ocean Monument

The pattern is definitely worth the effort. You get an expressive design with a face-like helmet, a joint curve in the leggings, and two lines joining into an emblem in the chest plate. The emblem of the tide armor trim also shows up on the back of your helmet.

Ward Armor Trim

Players can find the Ward Armor Trim in the Ancient City, home of the Warden. There are plenty of chests in the place so they should be able to get the full set fairly easily.

Ward Armor Trim
Ward Armor Trim in Ancient City

It adds a square to the middle of your chest armor - the other pieces are just simple lines, however.

Vex Armor Trim

Players can find the Vex Armor Trim inside Woodland Mansion chests,  after clearing all the pillagers inside it. As this structure is fairly rare, it might be a good idea to check every corner to not miss any chests.

Vex Armor Trim
Vex Armor Trim in Woodland Mansion

This pattern gives players Vex-like eyelashes on top of helmets and a long horizontal line on the chest plate, which is identical to the Evoker’s robe.

Rib Armor Trim

To get this trim, players need to get to the Nether via portals, then explore the various fortresses for chests. The Wither Skeletons in the structure are the inspiration for this trim.

Rib Armor Trim
Rib Armor Trim in Nether Fortress

The design adds skeleton-like ribs throughout the armor in a wrapped form. This design is fairly unique compared to the other trims.

Snout Armor Trim

The Snout Armor Trim also spawns in the nether - it is in Bastion Remnant chests, the house of the piglins. Staying true to its name, you get a template with two nostrils on top of it.

Snout Armor Trim
Snout Armor Trim in Bastion Remnant

The design of the trim does not look like a pig head, however. You get a clean pattern with a small box in the middle, alongside a curved line and a straight line on top.

Eye Armor Trim

The Eye Armor Trim is probably one of the best patterns. It adds a giant Eye of Ender shape on the chest plate, alongside cool geometric patterns on the other piece.

Eye Armor Trim
Eye Armor Trim in Stronghold

Players can find this trim inside stronghold chests.

Spire Armor Trim

The true end-game temple - the Spire Armor Trim can be found in End City chests in the End dimension.  It adds a clean stripe to your helmet while giving a checkered pattern to your feet and arms.

Spire Armor Trim
Spire Armor Trim in End City

Additionally, your chestplate and leggings also get a set of curved lines.

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