There are several new enemies and creatures in the Hydro nation Fontaine. They are sources of essential materials for weapon and character ascension and level-up. Let's check out every new enemy, creature, and animal in Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.0 here.

When Fontaine comes out tomorrow, you will encounter many new enemies. Understanding them will help you defeat these enemies easily when exploring the Hydro nation.

#1. Clockwork Meka

Clockwork Meka in wildlife is a hostile and aggressive enemy. They are infused with Pneumosia Energy. To defeat these enemies, you have to use Ousia-aligned attacks. Clockwork Meka robots in Fontaine City are NPCs. They are not aggressive and hostile like robots in wildlife.

Clockwork Meka
Clockwork Meka are the most popular enemies in Fontaine.

#2. Icewind Suite

Icewind Suite is the upgraded version of Clockwork Meka. It's a pair of robots including two bosses: the Nemesis of Coppelius and the Dirge of Coppelia. These enemies wield Anemo and Cry elements. Besides, they are imbued with Pneuma and Ousia energy. You have to use the countering element to defeat them faster.

  • Coppelia is the female Cryo boss. You need to hit her with Pneuma-imbued attacks.
  • Coppelius is the male Anemo boss. Hit home with Ousia-imbued attacks to deal high damage to this enemy.

Their boss drops are essential for upcoming characters from Fontaine, such as Freminet, Lynette, and Lyney. These bosses will appear all around the Hydro nation.

Clockwork Meka
Icewind Suite bosses often go in pair. 

#3. Emperor of Fire and Iron

Emperor of Fire and Iron is a mystical beast. It's an armored crab residing inside caves in the Hydro nation. You need to attack the twin horns on its head to defeat them quickly as these horns are its weak points.

These horns are imbued with the Pyro element. You should use charged attacks or powerful Hydro-based elemental reactions to break it quickly when the boss is lying down on the ground. You can also use Ganyu's charged attacks to shoot its horns. Don't forget to avoid its Fireball Showers and Lava Flow Attack.

Emperor Of Fire And Iron
Attack the Pyro horn of Emperor of Fire and Iron.

#4. Fontemer Aberrants

Fontemer Aberrants are aquatic creatures in Fontaine. You can encounter them when exploring the underwater world in this country. There are eight forms of Fontemer Aberrants.

  • Blubberbeast
  • Leisurely Otter
  • Ball Octopus
  • Hat Jellyfish
  • Armored Crab
  • Bubbly Seahorse
  • Angelic Sea Hare
  • Hunter's Ray

Though they look adorable, some of them are hostile and aggressive. You can absorb the Xenochromatic abilities of these creatures to explore the underwater areas in Fontaine.

Fontemer Aberrants
Fontemer Aberrants are adorable aquatic creatures in Fontaine. 

#5. Other Animals

Apart from enemies and aquatic creatures, Fontaine also has many exclusive animals and birds, such as:

  • Leisurely Otters
  • Gulls
  • Umbrellafinches

You can catch some adorable animals to raise in your Serenitea Pot Realms. Those are all confirmed creatures in Fontaine. Wait to see them tomorrow.

Xenochromatic Abilities
Obtain Xenochromatic abilities from aquatic creatures.

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