PUBG Mobile players can play as one of five Dragon Ball Super characters in update 2.7. Each character has a unique ability kit and gameplay. Let's check them out here.

#1. Son Goku

Son Goku is the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super. Therefore, he is often the best favorite character in this series. He has three special skills.

  • Standard Attack: This character shoots Kiden to deal explosive damage to the opponent.
  • Charged Attack: When unleashing the charged attack by holding the standard attack button, Son Goku shoots a Kidan blast at the target. It's more powerful than the standard skill.
  • Ultimate Attack: Son Goku can dash for 7 meters rapidly. It can be stacked 3 times for this character to dodge the enemy's attacks.
Son Goku
Son Goku is designed for close and mid-range combat.

Son Goku is an aggressive assaulter with this special kit. You can use this character for close-range and mid-range combat.

#2. Vegeta

Vegeta is the mid-range attacker. Let's check out the three skills and attack patterns of this character below.

  • Standard Attack: He also shoots Kiden at the opponents while approaching them.
  • Charged Attack: When holding the fire button to charge the attack, Vegeta fires multiple Kiden blasts at the target.
  • Ultimate Attack: This character fires 15 Kaidan blasts. But you must accumulate DMG to charge this skill.

This character is a little more difficult as you have to damage enemies to charge the ultimate attack.

Vegeta is another close-combat fighter.

#3. Ultimate Gohan

Ultimate Gohan is a close and mid-range fighter. He also has three special skills. Check them out here.

  • Standard Attack: He also shoots continuous Kaiden at the opponent quickly.
  • Charged Attack: His charged attack is not different from the charged attack patterns of Son Goku.
  • Ultimate Attack: This character summons a protective barrier once using the ultimate skill. His shield lasts 5 seconds and has 500 health points.

This character is an ideal choice for assaulters and carriers who often take up close combat.

Ultimate Gohan
Ultimate Gohan has a strong shield.

#4. Piccolo

Piccolo is ideal for long-range combat. His ability kit is different from the skill sets of the three previous characters.

  • Standard Attack: This character fires energy waves dealing damage to the aimed targets. Try to keep these waves stick to the target accurately to deal enough damage and take the target down.
  • Charged Attack: Piccolo snipes single energy waves to the aimed target. It requires several accurate shots to take the target down.
  • Ultimate Skill: He can hover and sprint up to 29m in midair.

This skill set indicates that Piccolo is not good for close combat in PUBG Mobile 2.7.

Piccolo should play as a sniper.

#5. Frieza

Frieza is also a good option for close and mid-range combat. Let's check out three skills of this character here.

  • Standard Attack: This character throws Kaidan blasts at enemies in the middle range.
  • Charged Attack: Frieza throws an energy ball to the opponent.
  • Ultimate Skill: This character can select a specific location to teleport.

You should choose suitable characters based on their ability kit.

Frieza can throw a powerful energy ball at enemies.

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