Fontaine will come out on August 16th, 2023. This nation is recognized to be the fountainhead of Teyvat. Let's explore this nation from its history to the culture and people there in this article to understand more about this land before entering it.

#1. About Fontaine

Fontaine is one of seven nations in Teyvat ruled by the Hydro Archon Focalors. It's the fifth one to be released among them. Fontaine is also known as the nation of Justice. It's located in the center of Teyvat. People in this nation are also proud that their country is the cultural center of this continent, possessing the elegance and beauty of this world.

It's also the leading nation in technology and engineering. Advanced Mikage Furnace is an invention of Fontaine engineers. The Kamera you use to take photos also originated from this nation.

Fontaine Technology
Fontaine has the leading technology standard.

miHoYo also unveiled some details about the threat to the development of Fontaine when the Arkhe energy source is running out. It's the main energy for Clockwork Meka Robots invented by Fontaine engineers. It omits two elements, known as Ousia and Pneuma. When these two elements contact, they will react and create an Annihilation reaction.

Moreover, scientists in Fontaine are seeking an alternative source of energy for their machines and robots. Besides, Ousia and Pneuma omission also contaminated the environment and affected the health of people here.

Fontaine City
Fontaine has a lot of robots.

#2. Culture And Art

The outstanding culture in Fontaine became the topic for many writers all over Teyvat, such as Mona and Xingqiu. Moreover, Rock 'n Roll, the favorite music of Xingyan, also originated from this nation.

But Fontaine also has slums inside underground sewer areas where the poor and homeless reside. They don't have the chance to enjoy the development of advanced technology in higher-class society above the ground. Not only advanced technologies and inventions of Fontaine spread to other nations in Teyvat, but its culture and art also became popular in this world.

Fontaine Teyvat
This nation is the center of culture and art.

#3. Fontaine Citizens

Moreover, you will encounter many artificial intelligence creatures on the streets of Fontaine cities. Unlike Aranara in Sumeru, these creatures do not hide themselves in jungles. They also reside in big cities. You also meet Melusine, an adorable creature in Fontaine.

Melusine is a unique creature with a special vision that lets them detect hidden things that human eyes cannot see. Moreover, they are very responsible. That's why they can join the special detective force called Marechaussee Phantom under the management of Neuvillette.

Characters From Fontaine
People and Fontaine are affected by the pollution caused by the advanced technology here.

Sigewinne, an upcoming playable character in the drip marketing video of Fontaine is also a Melusine. She is a nurse cooperating with Wriothesley. Hydro Archon Focalors, also Furina, is also loved but not trusted by people in Fontaine, at least, they don't trust her justice.

More stories and content about Fontaine will be unveiled when this nation is introduced a few days later.

Melusine Genshin Impact
Melusine is an adorable creature in Fontaine.

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