In Final Fantasy 16, gamers worldwide are captivated by the thrilling adventure of Clive Rosfield, once the forsaken royalty of Rosaria, now enslaved by the empire of Sanbreque. As players embark on this epic journey through Valisthea, they witness Clive's growth and the heavy burden he carries. The game's story unfolds with numerous surprises and revelations that deepen the player's connection with Clive.

Throughout the game, Clive's strength increases with each battle, and he gains unique abilities from the eight powerful dominants: Odin, Titan, Shiva, Garuda, Bahamut, Ifrit, Ramuh, and Phoenix. These dominants are blessed with extraordinary power from Eikons, god-like beings. By harnessing the abilities of these Eikons, Clive gains access to a new tree of skills and can upgrade them to use them together effectively. Mastering the right combination of abilities allows players to execute smooth and devastating attacks, capable of decimating bosses and enemies with ease.

Ff16 Garuda

1. Garuda And Phoenix

In Final Fantasy 16, players gain access to the Garuda and Phoenix ability trees early in the game. Clive is already well-acquainted with the Phoenix abilities, utilizing Phoenix Shift and Heatwave attacks proficiently.

Garuda, though unlocked later in the story, provides Clive with the power to control enemies through a grapple and even evade devastating counterattacks. The innate combos of the Phoenix Eikon tree synergize well with Garuda's abilities, often sending enemies airborne. Skillfully combining these attacks with Garuda's grapple ability allows for extended and powerful combos.

2. Phoenix And Bahamut

The Phoenix tree becomes a staple for players in Final Fantasy 16, gradually becoming second nature in the game's base combat. As players progress further and unlock the Bahamut tree, it might initially feel polarizing due to its focus on ranged abilities. However, the Phoenix Eikon offers ways to quickly close the gap with enemies and even includes a few ranged options of its own. Employing abilities like Satellite, action combos, and Rising Flames can lead to the enemy's stagger bar being decimated.

Ff16 Eikon Bahamut

3. Titan And Odin

Titan and Odin stand out as two of the most potent and valuable Eikon classes in Final Fantasy 16. Titan's inherent counter ability inflicts significant stagger damage and induces a time stop, providing players with constant opportunities to disrupt enemy attacks. On the other hand, the Odin Eikon class also possesses a time-stop ability, but it requires initial contact to activate.

By skillfully executing the Titan Raging Fists counter and reaching an enemy's mid-way stagger point, players can capitalize on the stun effect to land the devastating Dancing Steel attack. This combination not only inflicts additional stagger damage but also fills the Zanketsu bar, setting the stage for maximum impact when the enemy is fully staggered.

4. Shiva And Titan

While Shiva and Titan may not be an obvious pairing in terms of complementary Eikon abilities, Final Fantasy 16's intricate combat system allows for effective synergy between both trees. Shiva's Eikon tree excels in crowd control, thanks to her Cold Snap ability, which not only grants Clive enhanced maneuverability but also has the capability to permafreeze minor targets. Taking advantage of this freezing effect, players can set up devastating combos with some of Titan's most powerful abilities, such as Wind Up and Earthen Fury.

Ff16 Eikons Ramuh

5. Garuda and Titan

The combination of Garuda and Titan abilities in Final Fantasy 16 proves to be a perfect match. By utilizing Garuda's grappling abilities and Titan's charging attacks, players can ensure that Titan's slower yet powerful strikes connect, dealing massive damage. A notable feature of Garuda's Deadly Embrace is that when upgraded and used in mid-air, it elevates Clive higher while attacking with one of Garuda's Claws.

Executing this ability twice allows Clive to ascend high enough to follow up with the air version of Upheaval, inflicting tremendous damage on a stunned target below.

6. Odin And Shiva

In Final Fantasy 16's story, Odin stands as one of the last Eikon trees to be unlocked, and it proves to be a deadly addition, granting Clive a completely new combo route and improved mobility. Shiva's Ice Age ability is particularly effective for launching targets into the air or extending combos using basic attacks.

By skillfully combining Shiva's Cold Snap, Odin's Rift Slip, or Heaven's Cloud, players can execute extended combos with incredible damage potential. This versatility allows players to interchange multiple abilities between Odin and Shiva, providing a plethora of options to complement the chosen main Eikon tree.

Ff16 Eikons Phoenix

7. Ifrit and Ramuh

In Final Fantasy 16, Ramuh is the third Eikon players can access as they delve deeper into the game's lore and uncover its grander narrative. As the monarch of lightning, Ramuh boasts an array of immensely damaging abilities, some of which hold the highest numbers in the game.

Although the abilities of the Ifrit Eikon tree are acquired at a slower pace compared to others, once obtained, Ifrit and Ramuh form a formidable team. By combining Lightning Rod and Ignition abilities, players can chain multiple hits from both and maximize the damage output, especially when utilizing the Limit Break.

8. Bahamut and Ramuh

For players who prefer a more strategic approach and enjoy casting powerful spells from a distance to control enemies and evade direct combat with formidable bosses, the Eikon abilities of Bahamut and Ramuh are an excellent choice. Bahamut's Wings Of Light is a remarkable ability that enables Clive to avoid attacks while charging up potent magic in the form of Megaflare.

Once unleashed, powerful light projectiles rain down on targets, opening up opportunities to pair it with more abilities. Players can choose from various options within Ramuh's abilities, such as Thunderstorm or even Judgment Bolt, to create devastating combos.

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