Travelers will explore the underwater world when arrive in Fontaine. There are many new exclusive features and puzzles in this country. Let's check out all new Fontaine puzzles and additions to Genshin Impact 4.0 here.

#1. Underwater Current

Like Wind Currents on the ground, Water Currents underwater in Fontaine also propel your characters toward its direction. Your characters often move more slowly when they are diving and swimming underwater. Therefore, these currents are very helpful for exploration in Fontaine.

Use Water Currents
Use water currents to move faster underwater.

#2. High-Pressure Water Vents

When diving and exploring the underwater world in Fontaine, you sometimes encounter high-pressure water vents. These vents will shoot high-pressure water currents which can hurt your characters. You can use the Armored Crab Shield skill borrowed from Armored Crabs to keep them safe.

#3. Recovery Orb

Like sprinting and swimming, the diving skill also has a stamina bar. This Aquatic Stamina Bar will go empty when you sprint underwater. But you can find and collect Recovery Orbs to refill your Aquatic Stamina Bar. Moreover, these Obs also refill your HP bar. These obs look like schools of golden fish.

Recovery Orbs
Keep an eye on Recovery Orbs.

#4. Fontaine Echoing Conch

Echoing Conch is not a new item in Genshin Impact. But it was only added to limited events in previous updates. Hoyoverse will re-introduce it to Fontaine as an important item for solving puzzles in this new country. These conches will unleash sound waves that unveil hints and invisible objects. You should collect all echoing conches you see in your underwater adventure.

#5. Fantastical Floating Ball

During your underwater journey, you will meet spherical items called Fantastical Floating Balls. It's also a new mechanic involved in Fontaine's underwater puzzles. They often float along high-pressure waves.

When these balls contact with the ring device, they will activate these rings. You can make use of high-pressure water currents or similar things to drive these balls to the ring devices.

Use New Features And Mechanics
Use new features and mechanics to complete challenges and puzzles.

#6. Pnenumosia Blocks

Pneumosia Block is a new device scattered around Fontaine. It has three states of Pneuma, Balanced, and Ousia. It helps your playable characters unleash Pneuma or Ousia-aligned attacks by infusing their normal, charged, and plunged attacks with one of these two new elements. This device allows non-Fontaine characters to defeat Fontaine enemies with the opposite element.

#7. Pneuma and Ousia

Pneuma and Ousia are two new opposite elements in Fontaine. Every creature in this nation is infused with these two elements. But each creature exhibits only one element that overwhelms.

You can counter enemies by hitting them with an attack infused with the opposite element. Luckily, non-Fontaine characters can use Pneumosia Block to charge their attack with one of these elements. It's also essential in solving puzzles when you have to interact with puzzle items by using Pneuma- or Ousia-aligned attacks.

Pnenumosia Blocks
Use Pnenumosia Blocks to charge your non-Fontaine characters.

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