Best Characters To Use Two New Fontaine Artifact Sets In Genshin Impact 4.0

Yooki - Jul 12, 2023 | Mobile Games

Golden Troupe and Marechaussee Hunter will be two new Fontaine Artifact Sets to come out in Genshin Impact 4.0. Check them out here.

There will be two new artifact sets from Fontaine released in Genshin Impact 4.0: Golden Troupe and Marechaussee Hunter. Let's check out their stats and the best characters to use here.

#1. Golden Troupe

Golden Troupe is the first artifact set to come out in Genshin Impact 4.0. These 5-star gear are ideal artifact sets for sub-DPS characters in this game, such as  Yae Miko and Fischl. But the 4-piece Golden Troupe set can be used for the main DPS thanks to its amazing buffs.

Golden Troupe
Golden Troupe can be a good artifact set for sub-DPS characters in this game.

Here are the stats of this new artifact.

  • The 2-piece set helps increase the DMG for the elemental skill by 20%.
  • The 4-piece set also helps increase the DMG for the elemental skill by 20%. In addition, the off-field damage dealers get another 20% DMG buff. This effect will disappear 2 seconds after the character takes the battlefield.

This artifact set can be ideal for new characters from Fontaine. According to the leak, the nation of Hydro Archon will have two new mechanisms: Ousia and Pneuma. Therefore, these new gears may have either Ousia or Pneuma buff.

Yae Miko And Fischl
Yae Miko, Fischl, and other sub-DPS characters can benefit from this new artifact set.

#2. Marechaussee Hunter

The second artifact set - Marechaussee Hunter - has many new buffs and effects. Therefore, it can be a favorite artifact set after the Fontaine update.

  • The 2-piece set helps increase the DMG for the normal and charged attacks by 15%.
  • The 4-piece set has new buffs and effects. In specific, the characters using this gear set will get an 11% Crit Rate buff which can be tackled three times when their HP fluctuates.

Though these status buffs are pretty good, they are not effective and useful for current playable characters in Genshin Impact. Therefore, it can be better for new characters after update 4.0.

Marechaussee Hunter
The upcoming Marechaussee Hunter artifact set can be good for upcoming Fontaine characters.

Both these two new artifacts can be used for the main DPS characters in your team. But there is no information about the stats of each piece in these sets.

Further information about these two new artifact sets will be unveiled after the update of Fontaine when their specific domains are introduced. Just stay updated and learn about these new gear sets when they come out to the game.

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