The First Great Magic can be the signature weapon of Lyney - an upcoming 5-star character from Fontaine coming out in update 4.0. According to leaks about this weapon, this 5-star bow buff ATK and Movement SPD for its wielder's party members with the same Elemental Type. Let's check out the top 5 characters to wield this bow.

The First Great Magic
Check out the best users to wield The First Great Magic bow of Lyney.

#1. Lyney

The First Great Magic is the signature weapon of Lyney. Therefore, he must be the best character to wield this bow. According to leaks about this 5-star character, Lyney often has to unleash his elemental burst. Moreover, he also needs to move and dash during combat.

Therefore, the ATK and Movement SPD buffs of this weapon are necessary for Lyney. Moreover, the stats of Lyney's signature weapon may indicate that Lyney can be an ideal character for the mono-Pyro team. Then, other Pyro characters in his team can benefit from buffs of this bow.

Lyney Genshin Impact
Lyney is the best owner of this bow as it's the signature weapon of this character.

#2. Ganyu

As a traditional DPS, Ganyu needs ATK and Crit DMG buffs rather than movement speed buffs. When wielding The First Great Magic, this DPS character should play in mono-Cryo and Frozen teams instead of Vaporize teams. It helps you make use of the stats and buffs from this weapon. Ganyu should team up with a Cryo DPS who needs ATK and Speed buffs.

Ganyu Genshin Impact
Ganyu needs ATK buffs to deal AoE damage to nearby enemies.

#3. Tighnari

Like Ganyu, Tighnari also relies on elemental bursts. But the Dendro Archer has a quicker DMG stacking ability. He can optimize his damage by unleashing three charged attacks, his elemental burst, and his elemental skill.

As Tighnari is a Dendro character, he should have at least one Dendro teammate to take advantage of this weapon. In specific, Tighnari's Dendro teammate gets at least 20% ATK buff from Tighnari's bow.

Genshin Impact Tighnari
Tighnari and his Dendro teammate can take advantage of Lyney's bow.

#4. Faruzan

As a supporter of Anemo DPS and a sub-DPS in Anemo-based teams, Faruzan needs great ATK buffs. Therefore, The First Great Magic will be an ideal weapon for Faruzan. She can give her team the benefit of high ATK stats. The main Anemo DPS also gets benefits from Movement Speed and ATK buffs from this bow when Faruzan wields it.

Genshin Impact Faruzan Build
Faruzan can support Anemo DPS well when using this weapon. 

#5. Kujou Sara

Like Faruzan, Kujou Sara is also an exclusive supporter of Electro teams. Therefore, the ATK buff from Lyney's signature weapon gives Sara and her team great benefits. Moreover, the stable and high ATK stats let Sara support her team better.

Genshin Impact Kujou Sara
Kujou Sara can buff ATK for Raiden Shogun when using The First Great Magic. 

These five characters can take advantage of The First Great Magic - the signature weapon of the upcoming character Lyney. This 5-star bow has ideal stats for sub-DPS and main DPS in mono-elemental teams.

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