The Adeptus Cloud Retainer, Ganyu's teacher, may become a playable character in an upcoming update. This leak makes a lot of players and fans excited. Check out first leaks about this Adeptus here.

Playable Cloud Retainer

The Cloud Retainer is a famous Adeptus from Liyue. She is known as the teacher of two beautiful playable characters, Ganyu and Shenhe. Her human form was unveiled during the Lantern Rite Rerun event in update 3.4.

Cloud Retainer is an Adeptus live far from human in Liyue. She settles in Mt. Aocang. Cloud Retainer is an old ally of Morax. This Adeptus still looks after and protects Liyue though she dwells in the cloud. Therefore, she gets respect and reverence from Liyue citizens and many players.

Cloud Retainer
The influential Adeptus Cloud Retainer taught Shenhe and Ganyu.

According to a leaker, Cloud Retainer can become a playable character in an upcoming update after Fontaine's release. She may come out to the game with the upcoming playable Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino. As an Adeptus and the teacher of Shenhe and Ganyu, players expect to have great power and heavenly skills.

As leaked, Cloud Retainer can become a playable unit in update 4.4, in the next Latern Rite annual festival. Hoyoverse often organizes this festival once every year as a traditional festival in Liyue. It's a great time for new characters from this nation to come out.

Cloud Retainer Human Form
The game publisher revealed her human form.

Upcoming Playable Adepti

Apart from the Cloud Retainer, Madame Ping and Guizhong may be two upcoming playable Adepti in the near future. There are many leaks about their releases and designs. All of them are beautiful female characters with fairy appearances.

Madame Ping and Guizhong also have great influences on Liyue. They have joined in many world quests and story quests in this nation as the Guardians of this nation. Having guarded Liyue for thousands of years, these Adepti know lots of stories and secrets about Liyue. Therefore, a lot of players and fans are highly anticipating their releases.

Upcoming Adepti
Three famous Adepti may come to the game in the near future. 

Leaks About Upcoming Characters

Apart from the release of the playable Cloud Retainer, there are many leaks about other upcoming characters after Fontaine's release.

  • Wriothesley will be a 5-star Cryo Physical DPS. Then, he will come to the Wanderlust Invocation banner in update 4.1.
  • Neuvillette will come Wanderlust Invocation banner in update 4.2 after Wriothesley.

Hoyoverse has unveiled many playable characters in Fontaine in the latest teaser of this nation. There will be many attractive and powerful characters from the nation of justice. But Hoyoverse will introduce new characters from other countries. Cloud Retainer and Alice are highly anticipated by the Genshin player community.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley
Wriothesley and Neuvillette will appear in the standard banners in updates 4.1 and 4.2.

As it's still far until the release of Cloud Retainer according to the leak, there is not much information about this character. Just stay updated until Hoyoverse confirms her release as well as the official design in early 2024.

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