Adventurer's Trials: Advanced is a rerun event in Genshin Impact 3.8. It has five trials with three challenges each. Let's check out the schedule, rules, and rewards of this event.

#1. Schedule & Eligibility

Adventurer's Trials: Advanced takes place from July 20th to 31st, 2023. You need to reach Adventure Rank level 30 and above to be eligible for this challenge. It's the rerun event of Genshin Impact Adventurer's Trial in update 3.2. Therefore, a lot of players are familiar with these challenges.

Adventurers Trials Advanced Genshin
Take part in Adventurer's Trials: Advanced in Genshin Impact 3.8 now.

#2. Rules & Tips

The Adventurer's Trials: Advanced rerun event in update 3.8 includes five trials. Each trial has three minigames. Each minigame features some specific playable characters based on their special skills. Let's check out the gameplay of minigames in Days 1 to 3 of this event here.

Minigame Gameplay Image
Toss and Cheer Yaoyao or Amber needs to toss their pets into the Vine and High Score Wreaths to score.

Hold to aim and toss the pet quickly before these wreaths disappear.

Toss And Cheer
Foothold Hunt Alhaitham has to collect Adventure Coins and score 130 points.

Don't stay still as the platform will disappear after a few seconds.

Hold and aim his elemental skill to jump between high platforms.

Foothold Hunt
Superfast Hat Trick Heizou has to kick and launch Pyro Slimes toward the goal. Avoid obstacles and choose the quickest way to score before these slimes disappear.

You should use his elemental skill and charged attack to kick the Slimes to score faster.

Superfast Hat Trick
Shieldbreaker Kazuha uses his elemental skills and bursts to break the elemental shields of 16 Abyss Mages.

Unleash his skills frequently to shred the enemy's shield and charge his burst.

Aerial Dodgeball Wanderer hovers in the air and collect Adventure Coins.

But he must destroy dodge floaty balls and the Fluffy Launcher to stop it from launching these balls.

Aerial Dodgeball
Smash 'n' Bash Noelle will break rocks with her blade to score. There are many special rocks with orange colors that give her higher points. Breaking special rocks can help her clear the whole row/field. Smash N Bash
Boulder Run Yelan uses her elemental skill to run on the playground and collect 210 Adventure Coins. She has to dodge Giant Pinballs and Muddy balls. Boulder Run
A Close Home Run Beidou stands behind the line and tries to break Straight and Curve Balls before they pass the line. She needs to score 180 points to complete this challenge. Use her elemental skill wisely to break a bunch of incoming balls. A Close Home Run

Some of these games may be rerun in Days 4 and 5's trials. Try to use the special skills of the featured characters to win the minigame quickly.

#3. Event Rewards

Each completed Advanced trial gives participants 90 Primogems and the fifth one gives players 60 Primogems. Therefore, you will get 420 Primogems from this event. Besides, you will get tons of Mora, Hero's Wits, Mystic Ores, and a lot of Weapon Ascension Materials.

This event lets you co-op with other online players. But you have to compete with some skilled teammates to collect Adventure Coins in some minigames.

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