Choo-Choo Cart is an exclusive vehicle in Genshin Impact Secret Summer Paradise 3.8. It's not only an event challenge but also a convenient vehicle that lets you explore the event map quickly. Check out all cart rails and tips to use this vehicle in this event.

I. How To Unlock Choo-Choo Cart

The Choo-Choo cart is not available right after you enter Veluriyam Mirage. You need to complete Act 1 - An Invitation From Afar! of the Secret Summer Paradise event quest to unlock this vehicle. This Act has three objectives.

  • A Mysterious Missive on Paper Wings in Mondstadt
  • Glaze Domain, Multum in Parvo in Veluriyam Mirage
  • Zip Along in Veluriyam Mirage

After completing Zing Along, you can summon Choo-Choo Carts at cart stations throughout the map. There are 20 Choo-Choo Cart Stages, a.k.a cart stations,  you can use now.

Cart Stations
All 20 current cart stations in Veluriyam Mirage.

II. All Choo-Choo Cart Rails

There are seven cart rails now as only the Silver Bottle Courtyard and Overgrown Valley are unlocked now. These rails connect specific locations and different spots of quests, challenges, treasure chests, and materials on the map.

Choo Choo Cart Genshin Impact
Select the right cart rail to reach specific locations on the map.

At each stage, you can interact with the Cart Platform to call a cart. You can also check the destination of the current track by reading the Rail Line guide. Here are four types of tracks in the game now.

  • Aquamarine to the cave in the west
  • Violet to the Desert in the Southwest
  • Amber to Torrential Twister
  • Cerulean to Hub Flower

You can interact with the Track Blossom at the Cart Stage to change the track you want to take. It also helps change your destination. There can be more stages and tracks when the area named Pavilion of Hermits is unlocked.

Choo Choo Cart Guide
You can summon the vehicle, learn about the destination, or change the track in the cart platforms.

III. Choo-Choo Cart Challenges

The Choo-Choo cart challenge gives participants a lot of rewards, including Primogems. There are seven challenges scattered throughout the Overgrown Valley. To start these challenges, you go to the marked locations on the map below.

Choo Choo Cart Challenge Location
Choo-Choo cart challenge locations.

Then, start the challenge and complete the objectives. Participants have to use Jubilant Wave on two sides of the cart and shoot Bloatty Floatties and reach the destination. Avoid shooting brown balls. Instead, you should shoot blue Trackslayer Stones to unlock hidden tracks.

Besides, the challenge sometimes requires you to destroy the Fungus Balloons. After completing all objectives and reaching the destination, you will get a Luxurious Chest with a lot of rewards, including 10 Primogems and at least one Joyeux Voucher each.

Shoot Bloatty Floatties
Shoot Bloatty Floatties and complete the track

IV. Choo-Choo Cart Tips

You need some tips to use the Choo-Choo cart wisely and effectively.

  • Unlock hidden tracks by collecting Trackslayer Stones
  • Read the rail guide to choose the right rail
  • Switch Lanes by tapping the button when it appears

Choo-Choo cart is the exclusive vehicle in Veluriyam Mirage. Ride it to reach highlands and caverns quickly.

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