Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts: Locations, Drops & Combat Tips

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Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts are new enemies in the desert of Sumeru. Let's check out their locations and learn some tips to fight them off.

Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts are exclusive enemies in the desert of Sumeru. There are three types of consecrated beasts with different attack patterns. Check out their drops, the best farming routes, and tips to defeat them here.

I. Consecrated Beast Categories

There are five types of Consecrated Beasts in Sumeru. Each group of these beasts has unique gameplay and attack patterns.

  • Red Vulture is a powerful Pyro enemy with strong wings and a long dangerous tail.
  • Scorpion is a nimble Electro opponent with powerful claws and a hard shell.
  • Flying Serpent is an agile Anemo beast with annoying attacks from its tail.
  • Horned Crocodile is a new consecrated beast in update 3.6. It's a Hydro creature.
  • Fanged Beast is a Dendro beast with deadly rolling attacks.

There can be more new consecrated beasts in upcoming updates, which may have Cryo and Geo elements. You have to defeat these annoying and dangerous beasts to get their drops for weapon ascension.

Consecrated Beast
There are five Consecrated Beast species in Genshin Impact now.

II. Consecrated Beast Locations

Each type of Gesnhin Impact consecrated beast spawns in a specific type of environment in Sumeru. Let's check out where you can counter these beasts.

Consecrated beast categories Locations Map
Red Vulture Six underground spots and six overground locations around The Desert of Hadramaveth. Red Vulture Locations
Scorpion Six underground spots and seven locations on the ground all over The Desert of Hadramaveth. Scorpion
Flying Serpent Near the places where you find consecrated scorpions in The Desert of Hadramaveth. Flying Serpent
Horned Crocodile Near the water bodies in the Girdle of the Sands, such as swamps. Horned Crocodile
Fanged Beast Tunigi Hollow, Asipatravana Swamp, Gate of Zulqarnain, and specific spots in Girdle of the Sands. Fanged Beast

You can mark these spots on your minimap and label the pin to return there every day to farm their drops.

III. Consecrated Beast Drops

Consecrated beasts are elite enemies that give Genshin Impact players materials for certain ascensions. After defeating them, you will get the following boss drops. But keep in mind that you can pick up these drops only when you defeat them in the open world.

  • Desiccated Shell (any level);
  • Sturdy Shell (Level 40+);
  • Marked Shell (Level 60+).

Then, you can use these items to ascend three weapons, including Beacon of the Reed Sea, Light of Foliar Incision, and Mailed Flower. When your world level increase, the level of these beasts also increase.

Collect their drops to ascend your weapons.

IV. Consecrated Beast Combat Tips

Consecrated beasts can be annoying if you don't know how to fight them off. Here are some tips to counter each type of these beasts.

#1. Consecrated Beasts 3.4

When the Red Vulture, Scorpion, and Flying Serpent summons a Phagocytic Energy Block, you use an elemental attack to destroy it with one hit. Then, the enemy will be stunned. It's time for you to unleash the most powerful attacks to take them down.

Defeat Vulture
Defeat Vulture, Scorpion, and Flying Serpent in the same way.

#2. Horned Crocodile

Horned Crocodiles are more dangerous than Red Vulture, Scorpion, and Flying Serpent. Here are tips to defeat them.

  • Keep an eye on the warning circle and dodge their attacks;
  • Build the team based on Hydro elemental reactions, such as Melt, Bloom, Electro-Charged, Vaporize, etc.
  • Dash out of the Blue circle on the ground when the boss is about to unleash a Phagocytic Deluge attack.
  • Evade and wait until it stops rolling.

You can take advantage of the environment where this boss inhabits to trigger Hydro-based reactions. These Consecrated Horned Crocodiles live near water bodies. So, you can freeze it with Ayaka's or Ganyu's bursts to hit the enemy.

Make Use Of The Habitat
Make use of the habitat of this beast to trigger Hydro-based reactions.

#3. Fanged Beast

Fanged Beast is a Dendro boss. It's also harder to defeat than Consecrated Beasts in update 3.4. Therefore, you may need these tips and tactics to fight them off.

  • Avoid its rolling and Dendro attack;
  • Build your team based on Dendro elemental reactions;
  • Unleash your counterattacks when the boss finishes its attack string;
  • Run out of the green circle when the boss is about to unleash the powerful Phagocytic Pounce attack;
  • Destroy the Phagocytic Energy Block that this boss summons on the ground to stun it. Then, unleash your most powerful attacks and use elements that react with Dendro, such as Hydro, Electro, and Pyro.

Consecrated Fanged Beasts often appear in many hardcore challenges. Therefore, you should level up your countering teams to the highest level to counter this boss.

Build Dendro Based Team
Build Dendro-based teams to counter the Fanged Beast.

Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts are more dangerous and powerful in new updates and at higher world levels. To obtain its boss drops, you should learn their attack patterns and use countering characters to fight them off.

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