HoYoverse always strives to incorporate fresh features into each major update of the game Genshin Impact. In version 4.0, the highly anticipated Dendro element was introduced, resulting in a significant shift in the character meta. This addition brought about a multitude of new elemental reactions and much-needed diversity in combat.

During the recent live stream event for Genshin Impact 3.8, a captivating Fontaine teaser was showcased, offering glimpses of forthcoming locations. The accompanying video portrayed the Traveler venturing into submerged areas of Teyvat, and a recent leak pertaining to Genshin Impact has shed more light on the mechanics of this underwater exploration and diving experience.

New diving mechanics in Genshin Impact

The leaked information suggests that players will have access to a unique form of "underwater stamina", similar to the bar that appears when the Anemo user Wanderer ascends in the air using their Elemental Skill. This new stamina can be replenished as you remain stationary in the water, eliminating the need to resurface for a refresh.

Diving In Genshin Impact
New Genshin Impact diving feature may change the player's experience forever.

This mechanic differs significantly from Genshin Impact's current swimming system, where characters drown when their stamina depletes. Also, you cannot replenish it by standing still.

Players will have the ability to swim faster using the sprint button and ascend to the surface by utilizing the jump key. The leak also confirms the inclusion of underwater combat, which has generated excitement among many players.

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Interesting details regarding the diving feature

Underwater, players can execute various attacks by tapping or holding the Normal Attack button. However, it appears that their regular Elemental Skills and Bursts may not be usable while diving. Fans are curious if this new mechanic will be applicable across different regions or exclusive to the new Hydro nation.

Considering that a significant portion of Teyvat is submerged, revisiting these areas would greatly enhance the overall exploration experience in the game.

Genshin Diving Mechanics
Can every character dive or just the Traveler and Hydro-based units?

Previous rumors circulating in the Genshin Impact community have hinted at the existence of underground dungeons in the Cider Lake surrounding Mondstadt, the main city.

On another hand, this diving feature is not exclusive to the Traveler. All Genshin Impact characters can dive, but they cannot use their individual elemental skills or bursts.

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