Kokomi is often one of the most controversial units in Genshin Impact whenever her banner reruns. Let's check out the reasons why Genshin Impact players often argue about this Hydro unit and if you should spend Primogems on her upcoming banner or not.

I. Why Is Kokomi A Controversial Hydro Unit?

After the release of the Dendro element, Kokomi has become a top-picked Hydro unit due to her simple but effective kit. However, many veterans still underate this Hydro healer. Here are reasons why many players choose to skip her banners.

#1. Useless Passive Talent & Signature Weapon

Everlasting Moonglow, the signature weapon of Kokomi is one of the two most useless 5-star signature weapons in the game. Though it buffs HP and healing stats for Kokomi, this 5-stat weapon fails to buff her damage. Moreover, the passive talent - Flawless Strategy of this character exchange 100% Crit Rate for only 25% Healing Bonus.

Kokomi Teams
Kokomi is underrated due to her bad damage contribution.

It forces Kokomi to stand on the field to optimize her healing buffs. But her team will lose a significant amount of damage. It makes a lot of players confused when making a decision on pulling her or not.

#2. Be Replaced Easily

Though many players praised Kokomi as a flexible character, she is actually not an important unit. She can be replaced easily by other characters with the same function.

For example, Kokomi was the best healer for Nilou's Bloom team before the release of Baizhu. But after Genshin Impact 3.6, Baizhu and Ayato are better choices as they provide both healing bonuses and damage.

Nilou Team
Baizhu and Ayato are better for Nilou's Bloom team than Kokomi. 

Kokomi is also an ideal Hydro applicator for Ayaka's Freeze team. But pro players often choose Mona for shorter Hydro application duration but higher damage contribution. As long as they can deal high damage to enemies and finish the combat soon, they don't need that much healing effect.

II. Should I Pull Kokomi?

Despite those arguments, Kokomi is still worth pulling for many reasons. If you are still confused about whether to save Primogems for her upcoming rerun banner, let's check out the following reasons.

  • If you are not confident to end dangerous bosses in a few hits, you need a healer like Kokomi to keep your team alive.
  • She is good at applying Hydro auras and healing the whole team. Choosing Kokomi for Hydro-based reactions helps you save a slot for another damage dealer instead of a healer.
  • Kokomi does not require much investment in terms of weapons, artifacts, and constellations. You can make her strong and helpful with a full HP set of Tenacity of the Millelith.
Pull Kokomi
Pull Kokomi for both healing effects and Hydro auras.

In brief, Kokomi helps you solve many problems when building a team for Spiral Abyss and other combat challenges. You will have both a healer and a Hydro applicator for powerful reactions when choosing this character for your team.

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