Genshin Impact Hydroculous are scattered all around Fontaine. You can collect these items during your exploration adventure in this Hydro nation. Let's check out the quantity and locations of these collectible items here.

I. Hydroculus Quantity

Fontaine is a large nation with aboveground, underground, and underwater areas. As leaked, this nation also has the largest amount of over 271 Hydroculi which can be equal to or even more than the quantity of Dendroculi in Sumeru (271 Dendroculi).

You have to collect all Hydroculi in aboveground, underground, and underwater areas around this nation to maximize the level of the Hydro Statue of Seven in Fontaine. It will be a difficult challenge for Genshin Impact players.

Hydroculus Appearance
This is the appearance of Hydroculus.

But it seems that the current map is only a part of the whole of Fontaine. Therefore, only 85 Hydroculi are available to collect now. There can be more oculi released when other parts of Fontaine are unlocked.

II. Hydroculus Locations & Farming Routes

Hydroculi can be found on the ground, underground, and even underwater. Fontaine has a large area of water bodies with lots of boats and ships. You can find many oculi on these offshore ships. Let's check out the best Hydroculi farming routes in the current Fontaine here.

#1. North of Fontaine

The northern part of the current map is an urban area with the capital city of this nation where the Court of Fontaine is located.

  • You can find 9 oculi along the waterway to the city inner.
  • There are 3 oculi in the outer round of the city.
  • 10 oculi appear in the water bodies in the north of this map.
  • Go to the Opera Epiclese to grab 3 items.
  • Marcotte Station has 2 items.
  • 9 oculi are scattered in the mountain area in the north of the Fontaine Capital City.
North Of Fontaine
Oculi map in the north of Fontaine.

#2. South of Fontaine

Traveler has to go through the south of Fontaine to reach the capital city in the North. Unlike big cities in the north, the south of the Hydro nation is more rural and mountainous. Here are the recommended farming routes for you.

South Of Fontaine
Hydroculi map in the South of Fontaine.
  • There are 2 oculi near the first Statue of Seven in Fontaine that you unlock right after entering this nation.
  • Take the boat towards the capital city. Along the way, you can see the mark of 14 oculi along two sides of the waterway.
  • There are 9 oculi in the water body in the middle.
  • 20 rest oculi can be found in the mountainous area of Elynas.
Near The First Statue Of Seven
Two Hydroculi near the first Statue Of Seven.

III. How To Use Hydroculi

When getting enough Hydro Oculi for unlocking a new level of the Statue of Seven, you should go to one of three statues at the entrance of the city, West Slopes of Mont Automnequi, or Court of Fontaine. Unlocking a new level of this statue gives players many attractive rewards, such as Primogems, Shrine of Depth Keys, etc.

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