In the current game's meta, Kokomi is the best Hydro healer in Genshin Impact. Check out the top 5 Meta Teams using Genshin Impact Kokomi for the current update here.

#1. Electro-Charged

Electro-Charged is an old team in Genshin Impact, but it's still a powerful and effective team in Genshin Impact 3.8. Kokomi can team up with Beidou, Fischl, and Sucrose to trigger continual AoE reactions. Kazuha and Venti can replace Sucrose to trigger Swirl reactions and gather enemies with their crowd-control skills.

Kokomi Beidou Fischl And Sucrose
Kokomi in her F2P Electro-Charged team.

#2. Freeze

You can combine Kokomi with Kazuha, Ayaka, and Shenhe in a permanent Freeze team. She will apply Hydro auras on the targets to allow Ayaka and Shenhe to freeze them. This team is so powerful that they can easily defeat dangerous bosses on the 12th floor of Spiral Abyss.

#3. Nilou's Team

Kokomi can also play well in Nilou's team with Nahida and the Dendro Traveler. Nilou is one of the top unique characters in the game who can turn Dendro Cores into Bountiful Cores. When these Bountiful Cores bloom, they cause damage to both the opponent and your characters. Therefore, you need Kokomi to heal the whole team.

Kokomi In Nilous Team
Kokomi plays as the healer in Nilou's team.

You can also build Kokomi's Elemental Mastery stats to trigger Bountiful Cores. But then, you need Baizhu, Yaoyao, or Barbara who plays as the sub-healer in this team.

#4. Hyperfridge

Hyperfridge is the combination of Hyperbloom and Freeze teams. The Freeze reaction marks the targets with Hydro and Cryo auras of Kokomi and Kaeya. Then, it triggers Dendro Cores when you hit those targets with Nahida's Dendro-infused attacks. Finally, Kuki Shinobu with high EM stats will trigger Hyperbloom. But this team is better to counter groups of normal enemies.

#5. Mono-Hydro

Kokomi can join a Mono-Hydro team with Yelan, Xingqiu, and Kazuha. This team can deal high Hydro DMG to the enemy, especially when these Hydro damage dealers get Kazuha's buffs. Kokomi also plays as a healer in this team.

Kokomis Mono Hydro Team
Kokomi's Mono Hydro team.

#6. Hyperbloom

If you combine Kokomi with Raiden, Nahida, and Yelan, you will have a 5-star Hyperbloom team. You must build EM for the Electro DPS, no matter which Electro character you recruit. Kokomi helps this team create Dendro Core for Hyperbloom reactions continually. Moreover, she will keep the whole team alive.

#7. Burgeon

Burgeon is the best reaction for AoE damage. Therefore, you don't need to use Venti and Kazuha to gather enemies. Instead, you should use Sucrose to buff EM for Thoma. If you don't have Thoma on this team, use Xiangling or Dehya as alternative options. Nahida and Kokomi are responsible for creating Dendro cores.

Build A Burgeon Team
Build a Burgeon team for AoE DMG.

#8. Hyperbloom + Burgeon

Kokomi, Nahida, Kuki Shinobu, and Dehya can team up and trigger two Dendro-based reactions: Hyperbloom and Burgeon. Kokomi and Nahida create Dendro cores for Dehya and Shinobu to trigger Hyperbloom and Burgeon reactions.

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