Genshin Impact Neuvillette is an upcoming 5-star character from Fontaine. He will become a playable character in an early update after Fontaine's release. Here are things we know about this Chief Justice.

#1. Neuvillette Profile & Design

Fontaine is the nation of Justice. Neuvillette is the Chief of Justice in this nation. Before the teaser of Fontaine characters and leaks about Focalors, Neuvillette was believed to be the Hydro Archon as he has a voice in the drip marketing of Nahida. He plays an important role in the political and judicial system of Fontaine.

Neuvillette Genshin
Neuvillette will come out as a Hydro Catalyst or Claymore Wielder in update 4.1.

The teaser of Fontaine characters unveiled the design of this Justice Chief. He is a tall man with white hair and a formal politician's outfit set. As the Justice Chief of Fontaine, this 5-star character knows lots of stories and secrets about this nation.

#2. Neuvillette Element & Weapon

Neuvillette's Vision is hidden in the teaser video. According to leaks, he may wear the Vision on his back. A tear-shaped blue gem can be spotted. It may indicate that this character would come out as a Hydro character. Leakers also unveiled that Neuvillette might be a "pure-blood" Khaenri'ahn as he had star-shaped eye pupils like Kaeya, Dainslief, and Pierro.

Neuvillette Role
As the Chief of Justice, Neuvillette knows lots of stories and secrets about Fontaine.

In addition, Neuvillette might be a Claymore wielder. As leaked, this character can be the first Hydro Claymore character in Genshin Impact. There is no Hydro Claymore character in the game up to now. But many leaks also revealed that Neuvillette can be a Hydro Polearm character. Genshin Impact players have to wait until the official design of Neuvillette comes out.

#3. Neuvillette Release Date

Neuvillette may be released in update 4.1 with Wriothesley, right after the release of Fontaine. Then, Wriothesley seems to move to the Standard banner. However, Hoyoverse has not confirmed these leaks about Neuvillette. Just wait for his official drip marketing to know more about him.

Neuvillette Leaks
Wait for more information about Neuvillette.

Neuvillette is a highly anticipated character though he may be not the strongest man from Fontaine. But the release of this character as well as his story may take you closer to Khaenri'ah, a fallen nation with lots of secrets. Stay updated!

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