Ousia and Pneuma are two new "elements" in Fontaine. It will make the gameplay of Genshin Impact change a lot like the release of the Dendro element. Let's check out how these two new mechanics work here.

I. What Are Ousia And Pneuma

Fontaine is a developed country with advanced technology. It's also the nation of various robots and clockwork meka. Ousia and Pneuma are the two main types of fuels for these machines. However, this technique has not reached the ideal balance. So, it causes impacted species to manifest one of two elements.

Best New Characters Fontaine
All characters from Fontaine have either Ousia or Pneuma elements.

II. How To Trigger Ousia And Pneuma

As designed, all characters from Fontaine, including the Hydro Traveler, can unleash attacks with either Ousia or Pneuma element. But these elements are included in a specific skill of each character. For example:

  • Lyney has the Pneuma element in his level-2 charged attack. CD time: 6s.
  • The Hydro Traveler and Freminet have the Pneuma element in their Elemental Skills. CD time: 9s.
  • Lynette has the Ousia element in her elemental skill. CD time: 10s.
Arlecchino Genshin Impact
The CD time of the Ousia/Pneuma element in each character is unique.

Obviously, the CD time of the Pneuma and Ousia elements in each character is unique. It's also independent of the CD time of the main skill. For example, Lyney can shoot a charged arrow every 2 seconds. But the CD time of the Pneuma element is 6 seconds. It means that only some charged attacks of this character are infused with Pneuma.

III. Enemies With Ousia And Pneuma

There will be many new bosses and enemies with Ousia/Pneuma after the Fontaine update. These new bosses also appear in the new Spiral Abyss season after update 4.0. Let's check out some information about these enemies here.

  • Large Shatterstone Breacher Primus

It is a new boss with high damage burst unleashed every 30 - 40 seconds. During the burst status, it will summon a Dendro/Geo shield that can be broken by elemental reactions or countering Ousia/Pneuma element. After the shield is broken, Large Shatterstone Breacher Primus will be stunned for 15 seconds.

  • Icewind Suite

It is a couple of Clockwork Dancers with Crescendo status lasting 30 seconds. Coppelius is the male boss with a Pneuma element and a Cryo shield. You need to break their shields to make him lose HP. But you have to hit him with another Ousia attack to stop the Crescendo duration.

Coppelia is the female boss with the Ousia element. You need to hit her with three Pneuma-infused attacks to stop her Crescendo status.

  • Clockwork Meka

They are small nimble robots designed with both Ousia and Pneuma. They can change their skills based on their statuses. If you hit the with the opposite Ousia/Pneuma element, you can weaken them. The weakening duration lasts 25 seconds. You need to hit small Meka enemies with one attack and larger enemies with two attacks.

Clockwork Meka
Shatterstone Breacher Primus, Icewind Suite, and Clockwork Meka are new bosses.

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