Relic Records is the newest in-game event in Genshin Impact 4.0 taking place in Fontaine. It's a world-exploration activity with lots of attractive rewards for participants. Let's check out the full guide for Genshin Impact Relic Records 4.0 here.

I. Schedule & Eligibility

Relic Records is a world-exploration event in Fontaine taking place between August 16th and 28th. You have to reach AR20 to unlock this event. Then, go to Fontaine to unlock any Statue of Seven and start your exploration adventure.

Genshin Impact All Relic Records
Genshin Impact Relic Records Event is live now.

II. Relic Records Stage Locations & Items

This event has six stages with different missions.

Stage 1: The Forest's Greenery

The first stage requires players to collect three local flowers in the Hydro Nation: Marcotte, Rainbow Rose, and Lumidouce Bell. Go to the following places to collect these items.

  • Court of Fontaine Region: Marcotte;
  • Beryl Region and Elynas: Rainbow Rose and Lumidouce Bell.
Genshin Impact Marcotte
Head to navigated locations to collect items.

Stage 2: Brave the Waves

On Day 2, you have to defeat two new enemies in the Hydro nation, including Fontemer Aberrant and Clockwork Meka. Check out how to defeat them here

  • Fontemer Aberrant is an underwater enemy. You have to use underwater Armored Crab's abilities to provide your characters a shield and deal damage to enemies.
  • Clockwork Meka spawns above the ground. Therefore, you can use the Frozen reaction to freeze this robot and hit them with Ousia-aligned attacks to defeat them with Annihaltion Reaction.
Brave The Waves
Brave the Waves

Stage 3: Ripples on an Azure Sea

You have to farm three Fontaine items in the third stage of the event. Check out the best locations to farm them here.

  • Tidalga: underwater in front of Fontaine City.
  • Beryl Conch and Romaritime Flower: underwater in the left front of Fontaine city.

They spawn pretty close to each other.

Ripples On An Azure Sea
Ripples on an Azure Sea

Stage 4: Thornbreaker, Weedwacker

Breacher Primus and Tainted Hydro Phantasm are two enemies you have to defeat in Stage 4.

  • Breacher Primus can be found in Elynas. You should trigger the Frozen reaction to stop them from moving and attacking you. Then, unleash the most powerful attacks to defeat them.
  • Tainted Hydro Phantasm spawns on the West Slopes of Mount Automnequi. Frozen is also the best reaction to counter them.
Thornbreaker Weedwacker
Thornbreaker, Weedwacker

Stage 5: Constancy of Change

The mission in stage 5 is to defeat a couple of Icewind Suite bosses once. You have to talk to the NPC Maillardet near the dancing stage to start the combat challenge. This is a couple of new enemies in Fontaine. Therefore, you should use Ousia and Pneuma-aligned attacks to counter them.

Constancy Of Change
Constancy of Change

Stage 6: Shattered Armor

The Emperor of Fire and Iron is a dangerous boss in the Hydro nation. This boss resides in caves underwater. In the last mission of Relic Records in Genshin Impact 4.0, you have to defeat this sea monster with a Hydro character. Aim and hit its Pyro horns - the weak points of this enemy to defeat it quickly.

Shattered Armor
Shattered Armor

III. Relic Records Rewards

Relic Records in Genshin Impact 4.0 is a 420-Primogem event. Each completed combat challenge and collecting mission gives participants 25 Primogems. Besides, you will receive 220,000 Mora and many other materials, such as:

  • 22 Hero's Wits;
  • 50 Mystic Ores;
  • 6 Chapters of an Ancient Chord; Wine Goblets of the Pristine Sea; and Sublimations of Pure Sacred Dewdrop.

During your journey, don't forget to unlock Teleport Waypoints around this country. It helps you a lot in other adventures in Fontaine.

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