Nilou is the signature Hydro enabler in her famous Bloom team with the ability to trigger lethal Bountiful Cores. But you can build Barbara to replace this 5-star unit if you cannot get her. Here are secrets to build this character.

Barbara's Bloom Team

The most ideal team of Barbara includes Nahida, Sucrose, and Rosaria. This team can trigger three elemental reactions, including Swirl, Frozen, and Bloom. Barbara is not only a healer but she also plays as the main Hydro enabler to trigger both Bloom and Frozen reactions. She can trigger Bountiful Cores for Bloom and other reactions.

Bloom Team
Barbara's Bloom Team includes Nahida, Sucrose, and Rosaria.

This team is not expensive as Nahida is the only 5-star unit and she is cheap to build. Besides, most of the veterans in Genshin Impact have obtained Sucrose, Rosaria, and Barbara C6. But Barbara C0 also plays well and contributes to powerful reactions.

How To Build Barbara's Team

Barbara is a free character who is not expensive to build. But you can make her more powerful by giving her 5-star artifacts and weapons. You must focus on the Elemental Mastery status to let Barbara use her AoE elemental burst frequently. She will be responsible for triggering two main reactions of this team: Frozen and Bloom.

Barbara Build For Bloom Team
Focus on Barbara's Elemental Mastery to unleash her burst more frequently. 

The recommended gear for Sucrose is not different from her best build in other teams. Elemental Mastery is still the main status to focus on. Then, this Anemo character buffs the whole team and removes the enemy's elemental RES to allow other characters to deal higher damage.

Nahida will buff the DMG while applying Dendro auras on the opponents. Next, Rosaria will mark those targets with Cryo auras before Barbara triggers two annoying reactions of Frozen and Bloom. This reaction combo will deal high damage to a large group of enemies on the battleground, especially after their elemental RES is reduced by Sucrose's Swirl reactions.

Barbara Can Trigger Aoe Reactions
Barbara can trigger many AoE reactions to counter enemies mobs in Spiral Abyss.

Barbara is a cheaper option for the Bloom team than Nilou. She is a good AoE Hydro applicator and healer. Buy investing materials on her Elemental Mastery build, you can make Barbara a strong enabler for many teams, like Frozen, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon.

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