Genshin Impact Shadows in Motion is the latest 120-Primogem Web Event. You can earn many free rewards when taking part in this interesting event. Let's check out how to win 120 Primogems from this mini-game here.

#1. Schedule & Eligibility

The new web event 'Shadows in Motion' takes place between August 9th and 15th. Only players at AR 15 and above are eligible for this event. Eligible players can take part in this event via the event link here.

There are five stages to unlock and complete. You have to complete the web event's daily commissions to gain stamina and unlock further stages. After completing each stage and taking enough photos, you will get rewards for each stage.

Shadows In Motion
Login to the Shadows in Motion web event and play for lots of Primogems.

#2. How To Play Shadows In Motion

Shadows in Motion is a photo-taking minigame. Follow these steps to play and complete event missions to claim attractive rewards.

  • Complete Daily Commissions to gain stamina;
  • Use 70 stamina tokens to unlock the stage;
  • Check out three spots to find and take a photo of them according to the sample;
  • Adjust the lens of the camera by zooming in or out to get the correct photo;
  • Complete three photos and claim rewards.
Gain Stamina To Unlock Further Maps
Gain stamina to unlock further stages during the event. 

Each stage of the event will feature a unique map with three different spots to find. You can check the sample photo on the left bar to see three items to find. For example:

  • The first stage features the Springvale map. You have to find two Hilichurls by the campfire on the left, a couple of Klee's Jumpy Dumpties inside two bushes in the middle bottom; and an Anemo Slime hot air balloon on the right.
Check The Album
Three spots to find and take photos in the first stage. 
  • The second stage features a corner of Qingce Village. Participants have to find a boar on the left, Xiangling's and Yaoyao's companions in the middle, and a treasure chest on the right of the map. Click the camera shutter quickly before the boar is attacked and killed. Besides, you have to zoom in on the camera when taking a photo of the treasure chest.

Don't forget to complete daily commissions to gain stamina and unlock higher stages. You cannot unlock the next map if you don't have enough 70 stamina units. There are only 100 units to claim per day.

Claim Rewards
Complete albums and claim rewards for each set of photos.

#3. Shadows In Motion Rewards

Participants will get corresponding reward sets for every three completed photos. Apart from 120 Primogems for 15 correct pictures, you will also get many other attractive rewards, such as:

  • 60,000 Mora;
  • 3 Sanctifying Unction bottles;
  • 9 Hero's Wits;
  • 8 Mystic Ores.

This minigame is not only interesting but also easy to complete. It would be a pity if you miss this chance to stock up on your Primogems.

Complete The Daily Missions
It's an interesting mini-game with attractive rewards.

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