Genshin Impact Wine And Song is a 4-star weapon in the second phase of update 3.8. This weapon has great stats for many DPS characters. Let's check out which characters can use this weapon effectively.

I. Wine And Song Rate & Stats

Genshin Impact 3.8 second phase is coming soon with two new characters banners and one weapon banner. Wine And Song is the 4-star catalyst featured in the upcoming weapon banner. Here are the stats of this catalyst.

  • Base ATK: 44 - 565;
  • Bonus effect: Energy Recharge + 6.7% - 30.6%;
  • Ever-Changing skill: It helps the wielder reduce stamina consumption for Sprinting by 14% for 5 seconds when that character hits the target with a Normal Attack. Besides, the wielder will get 20% ATK higher for 5 seconds when using the Sprint or Alternate Sprint ability.

Therefore, this catalyst is better for on-field damage dealers. Your characters can take advantage of its ATK bonus. But you should stay on the field and move quickly by using Sprint skills.

Wine And Song
Wine And Song is a good weapon for DPS characters.

II. Whom Is Wine And Song Good For?

The character who wields the catalyst Wine and Song should stay on the field to deal damage to the opponents. He/she should play as a damage dealer. Here are the best users for this weapon.

#1. Shikanoin Heizou

Heizou is one of the three best on-field Anemo DPS in Genshin Impact here. The sub-stats of Energy Recharge let Heizou use his Elemental burst more frequently. Moreover, he can take advantage of the stamina and ATK buffs to deal higher damage.

#2. Kokomi

Kokomi often plays as a healer because her signature weapon takes away a huge amount of Crit Rate. But you can switch to using the Wind and Song catalyst for her to let her play as an on-field damage dealer.

#3. Mona

Mona is better than Kokomi in the DPS position. She can optimize the passive skill of this catalyst with her Alternative Sprint skill. This Hydro supporter is the best character to wield this catalyst as it boosts her ATK and lets her unleash the elemental burst more often.

Wine And Song Genshin Impact
Mona, Heizou, and Kokomi are the best characters to use this catalyst.

Besides, Sucrose, Klee, Lisa, and Yanfei are ideal characters to use the Wine and Song catalyst. The ER buffs from this weapon are necessary for them.

III. Should I Get Wine And Song?

The 4-star catalyst Wine and Song is a good weapon for sub-DPS and damage dealers who need to stay on-field. If you need a weapon to let Heizou, Kokomi, and Mona play well as a DPS, this catalyst is a good option. Moreover, its aesthetical appearance makes your characters look better during combat.

Wine And Song Wielder
You should get this weapon for your DPS characters.

Genshin Impact Wine And Song will be available to pull on July 25th. Save Primogems for its weapon banners if you hunger for it.

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