End of the Line is a new 4-star fish bow from Sumeru that you can obtain by exchanging fish. It's one of the best weapons for off-field Sub-DPS characters. Let's check how to obtain and use this free bow here.

I. How To Get End of the Line

You can buy the 4-star bow "End of the Line" from the Sumeru Fishing Association north of  Port Ormos. Firstly, teleport to this port. Then, head north to the end of the dock to meet the fisherwoman named Loumelat, and exchange your fish with her.

You need three species of local fish in Sumeru. Let's check out the species and corresponding amount here.

  • Peach of the Deep Waves x4
  • Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin x16
  • Lazurite Axe Marlin x16

Go to fishing spots around Sumeru and catch enough fish to exchange for this weapon. You can get many other items and blueprints from this fisherwoman.

Get End Of The Line Bow
Go to the Fishing Association in Port Omos to meet this NPC and purchase the bow.

II. How To Refine End of the Line

Original Fish Ointment is the refinement material for the "End of the Line" bow. You can also buy it from Sumeru Fishing Association. Check out the species and number of fish you need to collect to exchange for it here.

  • Peach of the Deep Waves x2
  • Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin x8
  • Lazurite Axe Marlin x8

You may need many jars of Original Fish Ointment. Therefore, try to catch as many fish of these species as possible. Go to the fishing spots in the following areas to catch these fish species.

Genshin Impact End Of The Line Bow Loumelat
You can purchase both the bow and its refinement material from Loumelat.
  • Vanarana
  • Yazadaha Pool
  • Vimara Village
  • Devantaka Mountain
  • Aaru Village
  • Dar al-Shifa
  • Debris of Panjvahe
  • Temir Mountain

Fish will respawn after 72 hours. Mark locations of these species on the minimal to come back for later fishing trips. Besides, don't forget to collect ascension materials to level up your bow to level 90 for the highest bonuses.

Catch Local Fish In Sumeru
Catch three local fish species in Sumeru to exchange for the bow and its refinement material.

III. Who To Use End of the Line

End of the Line is an ideal 4-star bow for 0ff-field sub-DPS with a remarkable Energy Recharge bonus (10.0%). In addition, the character using this bow can trigger the Flowrider effect after unleashing the elemental skill. It deals 80% ATK as AoE DMG to the target hit by that attack.

Here are the best characters to wield this bow.

  • Ganyu
  • Venti
  • Yelan
  • Collei

You can give this bow to sub-DPS characters who need a high Energy Recharge bonus to use their off-field elemental burst more frequently. There can be more bow-wielders in Genshin Impact. Just get this bow and give it to proper characters for the best benefit.

End Of The Line Characters
Give this bow to off-field sub-DPS characters.

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