In the vast and blocky world of Minecraft, taming and keeping pets is a popular and rewarding activity for players. Whether you have a trusty canine companion, a noble steed, or a mysterious undead friend, it's essential to know how to keep them in good health. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to heal your beloved pets in Minecraft.

1. Dogs/Wolves

Pet Dog In Minecraft
Minecraft dog

Loyal and fierce, dogs (or wolves) are dependable partners when it comes to defending and exploring with you. To heal your loyal companion, feed them any type of meat, such as raw porkchops or cooked chicken. Simply toss the meat near them, and they will eagerly gobble it up, restoring their health.

2. Cats

How to tame a cat in Minecraft - Dexerto
Minecraft cat

Cats are the purr-fect addition to your Minecraft home, providing comfort and even warding off pesky phantoms. To heal your feline friend, simply offer them raw fish, such as raw salmon or raw cod. Cats have a refined taste, so make sure to have some fish on hand to keep them happy and healthy.

3. Turtles

Minecraft: How to get Sea Turtle Eggs | The Nerd Stash
Minecraft turtle

Adorable and slow-moving, turtles add a touch of charm to any Minecraft beach. To heal them, drop seagrass near them, and they will gratefully consume it. Keeping your turtles near a seagrass source will ensure they stay in good shape.

4. Horses

Minecraft horse guide and how to breed and tame them | PCGamesN
Minecraft horse

Swift and reliable, horses are excellent companions for traversing the vast Minecraft landscapes. To heal your loyal steed, you can offer them either wheat or hay bales. With proper care, your horse will be in peak condition for your next adventure.

5. Llamas/Trader Llamas

Minecraft: How to Breed Llamas | The Nerd Stash
Minecraft Llamas

Llamas might not be the fastest mounts, but their unique ability to carry items makes them useful partners. To heal your trusty llama, feed them hay bales or wheat. Their quirky personalities will make your travels more enjoyable.

6. Mules

Mules, offspring of a horse and a donkey, can be valuable allies once bred. To heal these sturdy companions, offer them sugar, wheat, or apples. With some nurturing, they will be your loyal friends in no time.

How to get mules in Minecraft
Minecraft mules

7. Skeleton Horses

These undead creatures may seem spooky, but their appearance can be tamed with the right approach. To heal a skeleton horse, you must first defeat the skeleton riders that come with it while sparing the horse itself. To cure their undead state, use Instant Damage potions or Arrows of Harming.

Skeleton horses in Minecraft: Everything you need to know about them
Skeleton horses in Minecraft

8. Axolotls

These adorable aquatic creatures can be helpful companions underwater and have natural regeneration. Taming them might require some patience, but once tamed, they will heal themselves when low on health, so you can focus on exploring the underwater world together.

Axolotl Minecraft
Axolotl Minecraft

9. Allays

Like the axolotls, allays (ghosts) also have natural regeneration in the Java/Bedrock editions. Unfortunately, you cannot feed them anything, but with a bit of time, they'll be back to full health and ready to accompany you on your adventures.

Minecraft Legends Mobs Hosts Allays
Minecraft Allays

If your pets are not mentioned on this list, the universal way to heal them is with a splash healing potion. This versatile potion works for most pets in Minecraft, ensuring that you can keep all your companions in good health. Unfortunately, some animals, like foxes and parrots, do not have specific foods for healing, but the splash healing potion will come to the rescue for them as well.

In Minecraft, taking care of your pets is essential to ensure they can accompany you on all your daring escapades. Knowing how to heal them will keep your companions strong and ready for any adventure that comes your way. So, stock up on the right foods and potions, and let the adventures continue in the wonderful world of Minecraft!

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