Minecraft stands as a widely renowned sandbox game globally. Its immense expansive universe, abundant resources, various creatures, extensive functionalities, and an array of elements collectively contribute to an enthralling gaming venture. Remarkably, the game incorporates an ultimate adversary, culminating in the bestowal of a highly elusive item - the Dragon Egg. However, a lot of players remain unaware of the egg's utilization. Interested in discovering how to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft? Continue perusing this extensive guide provided by Gurugamer.com.

All about Dragon Egg in Minecraft

The dragon egg serves as an ornamental block or a prized "trophy item," standing as the rarest item attainable in Minecraft since it generates only once (twice in Bedrock Edition).


The dragon egg finds its place in the Creative inventory in Minecraft Java Edition. In both the Java and Bedrock editions, you can use or the /give command or pick block function, or introduce it into the in-game world with the /setblock and /fill commands.


In the Java Edition, once the initial ender dragon is defeated, a single dragon egg is generated atop the exit portal. While in the Bedrock Edition, the exit portal becomes adorned with a pair of dragon eggs. The first egg appears upon defeating the initial ender dragon, whilst the second emerges after the conquest of the subsequent ender dragon.

Dragon Egg Minecraft
Dragon Egg in Minecraft


The dragon egg in Minecraft typically resists direct mining efforts; any such attempt prompts it to teleport within a 31×15×31 space centered on the egg, with a higher likelihood of teleporting toward the center. Should the entire designated area be occupied by solid blocks, leaving no room for teleportation, or if the egg fails to locate an open space after 1,000 teleportation attempts, it becomes mineable. This unique block is influenced by gravity, and it transforms into an item if pushed by a piston or when it descends onto a block shorter than an entire block's height, such as a torch or a bottom slab.

The block invariably drops as an item upon being subjected to an explosion. Despite being birthed by the ender dragon, the dragon egg isn't impervious to destruction by it.


The dragon egg undergoes a controlled descent if there's no block beneath it, settling on the nearest available surface. During its gravity-induced descent, it displays fluid and seamless falling animation. Notably, it lacks the ability to smother or harm mobs or players upon contact, unlike instances where it may cover them. More than that, it does not possess the potential to inflict harm on mobs or players akin to the impact of anvils or stalactites. Intriguingly, the dragon egg retains the ability to rest upon non-solid blocks without descending. Similar to other plummeting entities, the dragon egg emits obsidian-colored particles as it remains suspended in the air.

Light source

The dragon egg in Minecraft emits a light level of 1.


To make the egg teleport, attack in Survival/Adventure (use in Creative). It moves to a nearby spot (up to 7 blocks vertically, 15 horizontally), emitting enderman-like particles. It might stay mid-air or fall due to gravity after teleporting.

If there are no open-air spaces, you can break a block to create room for the egg.

Dragon egg teleportation occurs silently without any accompanying teleportation sounds.

The Void

When egg teleportation encounters an invalid location, like a negative y value, it retries by searching for a valid spot centered on the problematic location, rather than its initial position.


Concerns regarding the "Dragon Egg" are managed on the bug tracker. Kindly report any problems through that platform.


  • The creator of the Minecraft comic "WonderCraft," Samcube, was commissioned by Mojang to design official Minecraft posters. Some of these artworks feature a scene depicting an ender dragon and a chicken perched atop a massive mushroom. Within the same illustration, the dragon egg is also positioned near the chicken.
  • In the event that the dragon egg teleports and descends into the portal, it materializes in the Overworld at the world spawn point.

How To Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft

As previously mentioned, the Dragon Egg holds significant rarity within Minecraft, appearing just once in each world. Once obtained, it becomes a testament to your prowess and bravery, a prized possession to proudly display to friends. However, the journey to attain it is an extensive one, involving exploration across the world in search of the End Portal and ultimately conquering the formidable Ender Dragon. Undoubtedly, she ranks among the mightiest creatures in Minecraft. Nonetheless, players have ingeniously discovered numerous strategies to vanquish the Ender Dragon unscathed. Following the defeat of this formidable boss, the prized Dragon Egg can be found atop the Exit Portal.

How To Hatch A Dragon Egg In Minecraft
Ender Dragon ranks among the mightiest creatures in Minecraft.

The Dragon Egg is a prestigious trophy, somewhat tricky to acquire without a few tricks up your sleeve. Yet, its significance goes beyond mere decoration. Players possess the ability to employ this Egg for a more practical purpose: summoning an Ender Dragon.

So, how to hatch an Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft? Hatching the Dragon Egg in Minecraft doesn't require relocating it from the Bedrock Portal; this location serves as an ideal hatchery. However, apart from the Dragon Egg, you'll require 4 End Crystals that need to be positioned around the Egg to facilitate the hatching process.

Crafting each Crystal necessitates 7 Glass Blocks, a Ghast Tear, and an Eye of Ender. Following the creation of 4 End Crystals, you must revisit the End and position them beside the Dragon Egg, directly on the bedrock, one on each side. Notably, these Crystals should be centered along each side of the portal, rather than at the corners. As the final Crystal finds its place, the Ender Dragon shall resurface, granting you the opportunity to relive your epic confrontation.

That’s all the things you need to know about how to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft. Please note that it is the only way you can use Dragon Egg, albeit restricted only to the End.

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