The Sniffer, Minecraft's latest addition to its lineup of mobs, is a creature well-known to a huge of enthusiasts. Chosen as the victor of the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, the mob has found its way into the game. However, keen players might have already observed the absence of Sniffers in the most recent update as the latest mob is no longer extant, having long vanished from the realm of Minecraft. While this might sound disheartening, there's a silver lining – through the utilization of novel Archaeology features, players can effectively resurrect this splendid creature. To achieve this feat, one must acquire mastery in the art of both getting and hatching the Sniffer Egg.

Sniffer Minecraft
A Sniffer in Minecraft

This article on aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to hatch a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft.

All about Sniffer Egg in Minecraft

Sniffer Eggs, along with their counterparts Sniffers, have made their debut in Minecraft starting from version 1.20. With the Trails and Tales update placing a significant emphasis on Archaeology, it's only fitting that this age-old creature would stage its return during this particular update.

A Sniffer Egg is a block that can be extracted from suspicious sand within Warm Ocean Ruins or acquired through the breeding of two Sniffers. Once positioned in the game world, it gradually undergoes hatching, transforming into a Snifflet (the juvenile form of a Sniffer). This process is expedited by half when the egg is situated on a moss block.

Hatch A Sniffer Egg In Minecraft
A Sniffer Egg

How to get a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft

Sniffer Eggs can only be obtained by using the new Brush tool on Suspicious Sand in the Warm Ocean Ruins structure. Identifying a Warm Ocean Ruin is facilitated by examining the composition of the ruins' materials. Warm Ocean Ruins predominantly consist of elements associated with sand, in contrast to Cold Ocean Ruins which exhibit a higher prevalence of stone and brick components. Upon reaching a Warm Ocean Ruin, direct your attention to Suspicious Sand and employ the Brush tool. Every instance of Suspicious Sand treated with the Brush holds a 6.7% probability of yielding a Sniffer Egg as a potential drop.



Sniffer Eggs can be positioned in a block-like structure, gradually undergoing a transformation process into Snifflets as they hatch. It's important to note that Sniffer Eggs do not depend on a supporting block beneath them, in contrast to Dragon Eggs, and they remain unaffected by the force of gravity.

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Over a period of time, Sniffer Eggs undergo cracking, and they hatch once they have cracked twice. Hatching is expedited when these eggs are placed on moss blocks, taking around 10 minutes for the process to complete. However, if positioned on non-moss blocks, the hatching duration is extended to twice the time.

Importantly, Sniffer Eggs don't rely on receiving random ticks to initiate hatching. Consequently, the randomTickSpeed game rule does not influence the speed at which Sniffer Eggs hatch.

Piston interactivity

It is by design that Sniffer Eggs can be both pushed and pulled by pistons.

How to hatch a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft

To initiate the hatching process of a Sniffer Egg, players should simply place the egg down and exercise patience. Initially, the Sniffer Egg will take on a block-like appearance and undergo occasional cracking. Following two instances of cracking, the egg will hatch, revealing a juvenile Sniffer referred to as a Snifflet. Normally, the hatching period for Sniffer Eggs lasts around 20 minutes, although this duration is halved if the egg is positioned on a Moss block.

Importantly, an alternative approach to obtaining Sniffer Eggs involves breeding two fully grown Sniffers. Naturally, players will need to adhere to the aforementioned steps of locating Sniffer Eggs and hatching them first. Nevertheless, once they possess at least two mature Sniffers, this method becomes considerably simpler. By utilizing Torchflower Seeds, players can facilitate the breeding of two Sniffers, thereby causing a Sniffer Egg to drop in the form of an item.

Final words

In conclusion, the introduction of Sniffer Eggs to Minecraft has opened up a captivating avenue of exploration. These enigmatic artifacts, nestled within Warm Ocean Ruins, invite players to engage with their surroundings using the Brush tool, patiently guiding them on how to hatch a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft.

The dynamic interaction between Sniffer Eggs and Moss blocks illustrates the interconnected nature of Minecraft's ecosystem, rewarding players' strategic choices. More than that, the innovative breeding method involving mature Sniffers and Torchflower Seeds adds depth to the gameplay, showcasing the game's rich mechanics.

As players embark on quests to unveil these hidden treasures, the allure of Sniffer Eggs captures the essence of discovery that defines Minecraft, encapsulating the magic that keeps players enthralled by its virtual world.