Kokomi's banner is available to pull now. She is a meta-character with both healing ability and Bountiful Core triggering role. Let's check out the best guide for building Genshin Impact Kokomi as a healer and Bountiful Core triggering roles.

I. What Are Kokomi Roles?

Kokomi was underrated as she could only contribute to your team as a healer while there were a lot of healers. But now, she can trigger Dendro cores and Bountiful cores for your Dendro-based teams, such as Nilou's team.

  • As a healer, Kokomi needs HP or ER. She can support the team as a healer very well at C0.
  • Kokomi can provide Hydro to trigger and create bountiful cores when combined with the Dendro element.

No matter which role she plays in your team, all you need to do is keep her Hydro jellyfish on the battlefield. Therefore, her elemental skill must be prioritized. Then, you can take advantage of this character in your team to keep the whole team alive and create as many bountiful cores as possible.

Kokomi Role
Kokomi is flexible and helpful.

II. How To Use Kokomi?

With proper build, Kokomi's jellyfish can stay on the field for nearly 24/24 hours as her elemental burst reset the active time of the Hydro Jellyfish. Therefore, maximizing the level of her elemental skill is a must. You should invest your materials in her skills before her elemental burst and normal attack.

Kokomi is not an expensive character. You don't need to unlock a high constellation level for her. But rich players may want to get Kokomi C4 and C6 to use her as a DPS character.

How To Use Kokomi
Use her as a healer and Bountiful Core creator.

III. Best Artifacts & Weapons For Kokomi

You should choose artifacts and weapons for Kokomi based on the prior role you want her to take.

#1. Artifacts For Healing Role

The clock with HP or ER buff is a good option for Kokomi if you want to build a healer. You can choose an artifact piece with the HP as the main buff and ER as a sub-buff. Some recommended artifact sets for Kokomi's healer role include:

  • Ocean-Hued Clam;
  • The Tenacity of the Millelith;
  • Deepwood Memories.

You should use a full 4-piece set of each artifact category above. Maiden Beloved is not recommended for Kokomi's healing role.

Artifacts For Kokomi
Best artifacts for Kokomi's healing role.

#2. Artifacts For Bountiful Core Teams

If you prioritize the Hydro buff for Nilou's Bountiful team, you should focus on the elemental mastery status. Here are the most recommended artifacts for this team.

  • Flower of Paradise Lost;
  • Gilded Dreams;
  • Ocean-Hued Clam with Flower of Paradise Lost or Gilded Dreams.

It's better to focus on HP and ER.

Kokomi Genshin Impact
Choose the best artifacts and weapons for her.

#3. Recommended Weapons

In addition to proper artifacts, you have to choose the best weapons to maximize her power. Here are some recommended weapons for her.

  • A Thousand Floating Dreams;
  • Everlasting Moonglow;
  • Hakushin Ring;
  • Prototype Amber;
  • Sacrificial Fragments.

If you cannot obtain expensive weapons from weapon banners, you can craft a Prototype Amber for her.

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