Free Fire Shotguns are the most powerful weapons with high hit points. However, this kind of weapon is designed for close-range combat. Let's check out the top 5 mistakes you must avoid when using this weapon here.

#1. Low Moving Speed

Moving speed is an important factor in close-range combat, especially when you use shotguns to fire single shots. Remember that you cannot spray bullets with this gun. Therefore, you should move nimbly to dodge bullets and stay safe before you can knock the opponents down.

Standing still to aim and shoot single shots will make you lose close-range combat when using shotguns.

Close Combat Free Fire
Shotguns are designed for close-range combat.

#2. Utilizing M1887

M1887 has a high hit point but very low ammo capacity. You can shoot only 2 shots before reloading. The limited ammo capacity can also lead to early death in close combat as you can give the opponent the chance to shoot you down while you reload bullets.

Therefore, you should use other shotguns with large magazines to win close-range combat. Try to aim and shoot accurately to clear the opponents in 2 shots if you must use this gun.

M1887 Free Fire
Using the right shotgun helps you get Booyah in Free Fire.

#3. Holding Two Shotguns

Holding two shotguns is not a wise tactic if you cannot shoot all single shots accurately. It can be a deadly mistake when you are not a master of shotguns. You should hold an AR as a secondary weapon to spray bullets when you miss all shots with your shotgun.

Don't stop to reload. Instead, you should switch to the AR and spray bullets until you knock down the enemy. The backup assault rifle can also save your life in short-range combat. Moreover, you can shoot enemies in the medium range in case a third-party enemy rushes you.

Use A Shotgun And An Ar
Use a shotgun and an AR in a match to have a backup weapon for mid-range combat.

#4. Using Two-claw Customization

You cannot improve your skills and performance if you use 2-claw settings. You should learn and practice to master 3-claw and 4-claw settings to do more actions at once. It allows shooters to aim, rotate the camera, and fire at the same time.

Pro players often use 5-claw or 6-claw customization for FPS games like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. If you want to perform well with shotguns, you should master 3-claw and 4-claw settings to aim and shoot accurately.

Use 3 Claw Setting
Use the 3-claw setting to aim and shoot accurately.

#5. Combating In Wide Open Areas

You need some covers around to hide and reload your shotguns safely. A safe cover lets you correct your mistakes when you miss all shots from your guns. Therefore, pro players like taking close combat inside houses or in narrow areas with trees and rocks to cover their bodies.

Avoid these mistakes to get closer to the final circle. It's also a tip to win every close-range combat in this FPS game and get Booyah.

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