Moniez Gaming, a renowned content creator in the Free Fire community, has established himself as a prominent figure by producing content centered around ongoing and upcoming events in the popular battle royale title. With over three years of experience on YouTube, Moniez Gaming has successfully amassed a subscriber base of more than 389,000, solidifying his position in the gaming community.

While his primary platform is YouTube, Moniez Gaming has also expanded his presence on other social media platforms. His Instagram account alone boasts an impressive following of over 48,100. This cross-platform engagement allows him to connect with a wider audience and extend his influence beyond a single platform. As a result, his content reaches a diverse group of Free Fire enthusiasts.

Moniez Gaming's Free Fire ID and stats

Moniez Gaming's Free Fire ID is 713446127, and he leads the guild MG ESPORTS, identified by the ID 72246744. In the current BR-Ranked Season 34 and CS-Ranked Season 19, he currently holds a position in Bronze 1.

Moniez Gaming's Free Fire ID (Image via Garena)
Moniez Gaming's Free Fire ID and profile

Let's delve into his gameplay statistics for a comprehensive understanding of his performance.

Moniez Gaming's Free Fire BR Career stats (Image via Garena)
Moniez Gaming's Free Fire BR Career stats

In his Free Fire career, Moniez Gaming has participated in 819 solo games, achieving an impressive 6.95% win rate with 57 victories. He has amassed 1,514 eliminations, resulting in a K/D ratio of 1.99.

In duo matches, he has emerged victorious in 120 out of 1,211 games, maintaining a win rate of 9.90%. Additionally, Moniez Gaming has accumulated 2,203 eliminations, showcasing a K/D ratio of 2.02.

Moving on to squad matches, he has secured an impressive 685 Booyahs in 4,052 games, translating to a win rate of 16.90%. Furthermore, he has accumulated 7,755 eliminations with a K/D ratio of 2.30 in this mode.

As for the newly launched BR-Ranked Season 34, Moniez Gaming has yet to engage in any solo, duo, or squad matches. It is important to note that these statistics are subject to change as he continues to play and improve his performance in the battle royale title.

Moniez Gaming's monthly income

When considering Moniez Gaming's income from his YouTube channel, estimates from Social Blade indicate a monthly earning potential ranging between $13 and $216. Consequently, his projected annual revenue falls within the approximate range of $162 to $2.6K. These figures highlight the financial success he has achieved through his dedication and commitment to producing engaging Free Fire content.

Moniez Gaming channel's estimated income (Image via Social Blade)
Moniez Gaming monthly income from YouTube

Moniez Gaming's YouTube

Moniez Gaming embarked on his YouTube journey in early 2020. Throughout the past three years, he has demonstrated tremendous effort, uploading over 650 videos. These videos have collectively garnered more than 39.331 million views, contributing to the growth of his channel. With nearly 400,000 subscribers, Moniez Gaming has built a strong community of loyal fans who eagerly anticipate his content.

However, recent days have not been particularly fruitful for Moniez Gaming's channel, as he has experienced a period of inactivity. During the last 30 days, he lost over 1,000 subscribers but still managed to gain approximately 53.876K views. Despite this temporary setback, Moniez Gaming's dedicated following and well-established presence in the Free Fire community ensure that his channel will continue to thrive once he resumes his regular content creation.

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