Genshin Impact 4.0 will introduce many new useful and convenient Fontaine gadgets. These devices will help your adventure in Fontaine easier. Let's take a quick preview of these additions here.

#1. Crystalfly Trap

Crystal Core is an essential material in Genshin Impact. You can catch more Crystalflies after Genshin Impact 4.0 with the new gadget called Crystalfly Trap. This is a reusable device that you can equip and use many times during the adventure in Teyvat.

To get this 4-star gadget, you need to level up Reputation in Fontaine. But you have to insert a specific material into this device to activate it. This gadget will be released on August 16th, after the Fontaine Update goes live.

Crystalfly Trap Genshin
Use the Crystalfly Trap in Genshin Fontaine to farm Crystal Cores.

#2. Wind-Powered Wind Generator

Climbing is a time-wasting activity in Genshin Impact when you have too many other tasks to do in such an immense world. Therefore, the release of a Wind-Powered Wind Generator will help you a lot. As indicated in the name of this device, the Wind Generator will generate an upward wind current to let you glide up and reach high places.

This 4-star gadget is also a reward at a certain Reputation Level in Fontaine. Therefore, you should complete as many quests in Fontaine as possible to earn Reputation EXP points. Besides, you can take requests and complete them to earn more EXP. It will also be added to the game after the release date of Update 4.0.

Wind Powered Wind Generator
Wind-Powered Wind Generator is a useful device.

#3. Wings of Merciful, Wrathful Waters

When you reach the highest level of Reputation in Fontaine, you will be granted a new pair of wings named 'Wings of Merciful, Wrathful Waters'. This is a beautiful wing skin that looks like sea waves in this nation of the Hydro element.

Wings Of Merciful Wrathful Waters
New Fontaine-Themed Wing Skin.

How To Level Up Reputation

There are three ways to farm Reputation EXP and level up your Reputation Rank in Genshin Impact.

  • Complete weekly Requests;
  • Complete Bounties;
  • Reach high percentages of overall region exploration by completing world quests, domain challenges, finding elemental Oculi, Treasure Chests, etc.

These are amazing additions to Genshin Impact 4.0. Get ready for the next update and try to unlock them as soon as possible.

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