The Secret Summer Paradise event map - Veluriyam Mirage is a great map to farm materials and Primogems from treasure chests. Check out all four Precious Chest locations in Veluriyam Mirage and how to unlock them here.

#1. Pavilion of Hermits

There is a Precious chest from the Pavilion of Hermits. While exploring this area, you can find a Precious Chest locked and guarded by a Stonehide Lawachurl, a Hydro Samachurl, and a group of Hilichurl fighters and shooters.

Climb to the top of the stone archway at the entrance of the area to spot the chest and enemies. Then, bring your strong team to the battleground and clear enemies to unlock this chest to get 40 Primogem, a Joyeux voucher, and many other valuable rewards.

Pavilion Of Hermits
Defeat enemies to unlock the precious chest in the Pavilion of Hermits.

#2. Thinkers' Theater

There is a waterfall in the south of the central theater where you can find the second precious chest in Veluriyam Mirage. After getting there, you have to play Hide and Seek with Hydro Eidolons around this area to solve the puzzle and unlock the chest.

Here are three locations of these Water Droplets.

  • The wooden boxed surrounded by three Hilichurls;
  • The wooden barrel on the stone on the opposite bank;
  • The box under the waterfall.
Three Hidden Water Droplets
Three hidden water droplets are scattered in these three spots.

Approach and interact with these items to find the hidden Eidolons and dissolve the Hydro barrier. The chest is unveiled for you to get rewards.

#3. World Quest Precious Chests

There are two Precious Chests to open during the Black Nacre and the All-Devouring Kraken sub-quest. Let's see where and how to get these two treasure chests here.

  • Sea Monster Puzzle

The first one is inside a swamp cavern under the waterfall to the east of the central theater. Drop down the rift to reach the ground in the cave. You can also board the Choo-Choo Cart to reach the cavern.

Shoot Sea Monsters
Shoot sea monsters according to the following order to solve the puzzle.

The chest spawns next to a cannon and seven sea monsters. Shoot these monsters in the right order to solve the puzzle and unlock the chest. You can use the AWSD key set on your PC and laptop keyboards to move the cannon or functional buttons on your smartphone.

  • Room of Mora

After the previous chest, you continue to follow the quest objectives to navigate the next destinations. You need to solve a Preprint Puzzle in the next spot and use the cannon to ruin the stone wall hiding the treasure room of Mora behind. The last Precious Chest can be found in that room.

Another Precious Chest
Continue to do the quest and get another precious chest in the room full of Mora.

It's not hard to get these four Precious Chests in Veluriyam Mirage. You only need to follow the right way to get to these locations and unlock them for dozens of Primogems, tons of Mora, and many valuable rewards.

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