The new update PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super has introduced many new features, such as the new gun ACE32, the new Air Car, and more. Let's learn how to use these new features to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile 2.7 here.

I. New Themed Modes

There are two new themed modes in the PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super update. You will see and interact with many structures, decorations, and features inspired by Dragon Ball Super.

  • Dragon Ball Super (Classic)
  • Battle Royale Dragon Ball Super

In the classic mode, you will see many themed spots marked on the map. Dragon Ball Village is often the hot-drop location where PUBG Mobile players can get a spawn card upon entering. You can get a lot of decent firearms and crates of good loot.

Pubg Mobile New Update
PUBG Mobile collabs with Dragon Ball Super in the new update.

II. Dragon Ball Super Mode

This is available on three classic maps: Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik. Let's check out all the new features in this mode here.

#1. Super Power Abilities

There are three Superpower Abilities in the Dragon Ball Super mode. You can

  • KI Energy is the default ability. It increases your moving speed, allowing your character to run faster and dash with corresponding functional buttons.
  • Kamehameha Skill is an obtainable ability. To get this ability, you have to pick Kamehameha balls on the classic map. You can unleash a high-damage beam to attack the opponents after the skill is charged fully.
  • Buku Jutsu Skill is a Levitation technique that let you fly up, hover, and dash in the air for a while. Use this ability wisely and you can escape or surprise enemies.
Special Abilities
You can use three special abilities.

#3. New Items

You can occasionally pick Senzu Bean packs. Consuming these special items helps you restore your KI Energy instantly.

Dragon Radar is another exclusive item in this game mode. This new gadget helps you locate Dragon Ball crates scattered all over the map. These loot chests contain a lot of valuable gear, including random airdrop weapons.

Find Dragon Ball Chest
Find Dragon Ball chests by using Dragon Radars.

#4. Dragon Balls

You will get dragon balls from loot chests in the Classic Mode. Upon collecting enough seven balls, you can summon the mighty Dragon named Sheron to make one of three wishes, including getting supplies, strengthening Kamehameha, and healing faster.

Collect Dragon Balls To Summon A Sheron
Collect Dragon Balls to summon a Sheron.

#5. New Air Car

There is a new portable aircar summoned by using a capsule. You can keep it in your backpack when entering houses to loot. Then, throw the capsule on the ground to summon this vehicle when you need to traverse the map. This new aircar is better than normal vehicles as it can carry three passengers to move on every type of terrain, including water.

Air Car
Summon an aircar to move.

#6. New Gun ACE 32

ACE32 is a new assault rifle that uses 7.62mm ammo. This gun is somewhere in the middle between M416 and M762 in terms of power and recoil rate. It's more powerful than M416 but less stable. Therefore, beginners should pick M416 as a safer choice.

III. Battle Royale Dragon Ball Super

This unranked mode features an anime-style map with Dragon Ball characters. You can play as iconic characters from Dragon Ball Super. Each of them has a unique ability. Here are five Dragon Ball characters you can choose from.

  • Son Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Ultimate Gohan
  • Piccolo
  • Frieza

This update is a great chance for fans of Dragon Ball Super to play with their favorite characters.

Play As Dragon Ball Characters
Play as Dragon Ball characters.

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