Indian content creators have been making a significant impact on platforms like YouTube, and Rishav Gamerz is no exception. With a thriving subscriber count of 413 thousand and over 4.8 million total views on his channel, he has established himself as a prominent Free Fire content creator. Alongside his YouTube success, Rishav Gamerz has garnered a following of more than 22.3 thousand on his Instagram handle, where he shares glimpses of his gaming adventures.

As Free Fire is banned in India, Rishav Gamerz, like other players from the country, follows the government's decision and refrains from playing the game. However, the MAX version remains accessible and offers an alternative for players seeking battle royale action.

Rishav Gamerz's Free Fire ID and stats

Rishav Gamerz's Free Fire ID is 1276943579, and his in-game name is RISHAV-LIVE. He leads the RISHAV GAMRZ guild, identified by Guild ID 1006305235. His current ranks include Diamond II in BR-Ranked Season 34 and Diamond IV in CS-Ranked Season 19.

Rishav Gamerz
Rishav Gamerz's Free Fire profile and ID

BR Career

Rishav Gamerz BR Career stats (Image via Garena)
Rishav Gamerz BR Career stats

Rishav Gamerz has played 1583 solo games, achieving victory in 43 of them, with a win rate of 2.71%. His total eliminations stand at 2098, resulting in a K/D ratio of 1.36.

In duo matches, he has participated in 1388 games and secured 80 wins, showcasing a win percentage of 5.76% and a K/D ratio of 1.68 with 2203 kills.

As for squad matches, he has been part of 2205 encounters, emerging victorious in 206, boasting a win ratio of 9.34% and a K/D ratio of 1.67, with 3344 eliminations.

BR Ranked

Rishav Gamerz BR Ranked stats (Image via Garena)
Rishav Gamerz BR Ranked stats

In the ongoing BR-Ranked Season 34, Rishav Gamerz has competed in eight solo games, clinching two first-place finishes and a win percentage of 25.00%. With 33 kills, he maintains a remarkable K/D ratio of 5.50.

In duo mode, he has featured in five games, securing one Booyah, resulting in a win ratio of 20.00% and a K/D ratio of 2.50, with 10 frags.

For squad matches, he has played nine games, achieving three victories, yielding a win rate of 33.33% and a remarkable K/D ratio of 6.33, with 38 kills.

Rishav Gamerz's YouTube

Rishav Gamerz embarked on his content creation journey a couple of years ago and has since achieved tremendous success on his YouTube channel. With 372 uploads, his oldest video dating back to July 2021, he has amassed significant viewership. One of his livestreams garnered an impressive 109 thousand views, making it his highest-watched video.

In the last 30 days, Rishav Gamerz's videos received 23.307 thousand views, while his subscriber count experienced a slight decline of 1000 during the same period. As with any content creator, his numbers may fluctuate, but his loyal fan base ensures a steady engagement with his gaming content.

As Rishav Gamerz continues to make waves in the Free Fire community, his content continues to captivate audiences, and his journey as a content creator promises even greater heights. With dedication and passion for gaming, Rishav Gamerz remains a popular figure in the Indian gaming landscape.

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