Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons - two classic Zelda games have joined Nintendo Switch. These action games bring interesting stories and experiences to players. Let's check out these retro Zelda games here.

Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons

Two Game Boy Color game titles developed by Capcom are accessible on Nintendo Switch Online for subscribers now. Players will engage in action-RPG adventures. Let's take a quick look at the story of these games here.

Oracle Of Season And Age
Oracle Of Season and Ages are available to play now.  

Oracle of Ages

In the Oracle of Ages, gamers focus on solving puzzles. A man named Link from Hyrule is the protagonist of this game. In the role of this man, you will head to Labrynna and try to save Nayru from Sorceress of Shadows Veran - a dangerous evil.

During his adventure, Link will meet and learns skills from Labrynna's guardian and the Maku Tree to counter and clear Veran. Moreover, the protagonist has to explore and find the hidden Essence of Time to defeat this enemy.

Zelda Oracle Of Ages
Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Oracle of Seasons

The Oracle of Seasons, on the other hand, focuses on action. Players have to collect eight Essences of Nature to rescue Din - also known as the Oracle of Seasons. He was kidnapped by Onox and imprisoned in their mountain fortress.

After Din was trapped inside a crystal, the seasons on the Earth became erratic. You have to save him to restore the original order of seasons on the land. You can see some familiar elements in the Link's Awakening title when playing the Oracle of Seasons.

Zelda Oracle Of Season
Zelda: Oracle Of Season

To experience these two Zelda games and take part in the adventure of Link, you can access the game store of Nintendo Switch Online to download them. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is also available for you to purchase now.

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