Tears of the Kingdom surpasses Breath of the Wild in the number of boss fights it offers, but the question remains: are these battles genuinely challenging? In Breath of the Wild, Link confronted Ganon Blights and eventually faced off against Calamity Ganon himself. However, the same cannot be said for its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom.

After experiencing Tears of the Kingdom, some Breath of the Wild enthusiasts might argue that the Ganon Blights in the latter were somewhat repetitive, despite each requiring distinct strategies to defeat. While the showdown between Ganondorf and Link in Tears of the Kingdom was highly anticipated, opinions varied among players regarding the new bosses. Some received praise for their unique battles, while others found themselves frustrated with the difficulty they presented. It is evident that the challenge level of Tears of the Kingdom's bosses is a topic of debate, but it's clear that the developers intended some encounters to be easier than others.

5. Mucktorok

Mucktorok may appear comical at first, but don't be fooled—this boss can be surprisingly fast and lead to a frustrating battle. Initially, it hides within a shark-shaped sludge, swiftly zooming around the battlefield to unleash waves of sludge attacks on Link and Sidon. To defeat it, players must first deal with the sludge shark, either using Sidon's Ability or Splash Fruit, similar to handling the Sludge Like.

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The potential challenge with Mucktorok lies in two key factors: its speed, especially during phase 2, and Sidon's AI. Some players have expressed annoyance with the Sages' powers, which becomes relevant here when Link greatly relies on them. In phase 2, Mucktorok starts jumping around in sludge puddles, evading Link's attacks. The best way to stop its movements is by stunning it with an arrow or clearing up the sludge.

4. Phantom Ganon (Hyrule Castle)

After completing all four temples, Link heads to Hyrule Castle expecting to confront Ganondorf. However, he finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with "Zelda," who summons hordes of monsters to hinder Link's progress. When he finally reaches her in the Sanctum, instead of Ganondorf, he faces Phantom Ganon. Players experienced with fighting Gloom Spawn are familiar with handling Phantom Ganon, and with the assistance of all four Sage Avatars, the first phase is relatively manageable. The real challenge arises in phase 2.

Phantom Ganon
Phantom Ganon (Hyrule Castle)

During phase 2, Link must contend with five Phantom Ganons simultaneously, with one of them causing the entire room to be enveloped in gloom. If the Avatars get trapped in the gloom, they become immobile. To halt the spread of gloom, Link can climb the stairs and enter bullet time to fire arrows at the Phantom Ganon summoning the gloom. Additionally, players may find it easier to focus on defeating one Phantom Ganon at a time, as dealing with all of them simultaneously can be arduous and risky.

3. Queen Gibdo

Queen Gibdo proves to be an even more challenging boss than Mucktorok. Although she can be fought before Phantom Ganon in Hyrule Castle, she ranks among the most difficult encounters in TotK. Players heavily rely on Riju's Lightning for this fight or require an ample supply of Shock Fruit or Yellow Chuchu Jelly. The complexity of the boss fight contributes to its difficulty, particularly during phase 2, where things can get outright chaotic, especially when dealing with Riju's AI.

Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Queen Gibdo E
Queen Gibdo

To damage Queen Gibdo, players must strike her with lightning until her body turns white, allowing them to unleash melee attacks. This will cause her to collapse, making her more vulnerable to further strikes. In phase 2, Queen Gibdo activates four Gibdo nests around the battlefield, takes to the air, and spews acid at Link and Riju. Players should focus on eliminating the Gibdo nests, which can prove challenging due to Riju's Lightning Field needing to cover the entire nest before firing an arrow. Moreover, Riju or Link may get hit by the monsters or the queen herself, disrupting their progress.

2. Seized Construct

Seized Construct serves as the boss of the Spirit Temple, and players must ride Mineru's Construct to defeat it. The route leading to the Spirit Temple allows players to fuse various Zonai Devices to the Construct, and neglecting to do so can make this boss fight punishing. Players cannot harm the Seized Construct until they manage to knock it into the barbed wire encircling the battlefield. The difficulty here lies in Mineru's Construct's slow speed, making precise maneuvers essential for success.

Loz Totk Seized Construct 1
Seized Construct

In phase 2, Seized Construct gains the ability to fly using Zonai devices, launching cannonballs and various fused arm attacks at Link. Having the Canon fused to Mineru's Construct makes it easier to blast the boss out of the air and follow up with melee attacks. For those lacking such fusion options, they must wait for the Seized Construct to land during its attacks.

1. Ganondorf

Unsurprisingly, the Demon King himself proves to be the most challenging boss in TotK. The battle unfolds in three phases, with phase 2 posing the greatest difficulty for Link. Phase 1 resembles Phantom Ganon battles, and while phase 3 is still challenging, it doesn't quite reach the level of complexity present in phase 2. The developers aimed to make Ganondorf a true final boss, and they certainly succeeded.

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Upon depleting Ganondorf's HP in phase 1, he taps into the power of Sonia's secret stone, causing his health bar to stretch across the screen. His attack power increases, and he summons Phantom Ganons to assist him. However, after enduring long enough, the five sages join the fray, holding off the Phantom Ganons while Link focuses on the real Ganondorf.

In phase 2, when Ganondorf's HP reaches half, he renders the sages unconscious, leaving Link to face him one on one. Players attempting a flurry rush will be met with a surprise, as Ganondorf can counter Link's flurry rush with his own. Players must trigger another flurry rush to counter Ganondorf's move. Additionally, Ganondorf's "gloom" attacks erase one of Link's hearts permanently, making it vital to deflect the gloom spheres using a melee weapon like the Master Sword. Failure to figure this out quickly can result in significant heart loss before the battle concludes.

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