Winning 1 vs 4 situations is sometimes challenging for many players. But the following five guns may help you perform a pro-level clutch to get Booyah in Free Fire. Let's check out the name of these amazing weapons here.

#1. Shield Gun

When your teammates cannot give you enough cover, you can trust a Shield Gun. This modified assault rifle can generate a solid shield to give the wielder good cover and protection from the enemy's bullets.

Moreover, this gun is a good choice for both close-range and mid-range combat. Moreover, this gun has a good capacity of 30 bullets per load, which is enough for you to spray and end the whole enemy team if you shoot accurately.

Shield Gun
The Shield Gun is the best weapon for solo-vs-squad situations.

#2. Groza

You need a Groza to perform a clutch when all your teammates have been down. This legendary assault rifle has an amazing damage point and a standard bullet capacity. Moreover, it can cover from short-range to long-range combat well.

However, this is one of the rarest weapons in the battle royale mode. You have to collect airdrop supplies or use bounty tokens to purchase this gun.

Groza Free Fire
Groza is rare as it's OP.

#3. M82B

Engaging in combat from a long range is a safe way to survive. Moreover, pro assassins in Free Fire can clutch a team with a decent sniper rifle like M82B. With eight bullets per round, you should wait until the whole enemy team is in an open area to fire.

Moreover, make sure that all your bullets reach the target accurately. But keep a good assault rifle to spray bullets in close-range combat. If you have a combo of M82B and Groza and good shooting skills, it's easy for your to get Booyah alone.

M82b Free Fire
Snipers need a M82B.

#4. MAG-7

MAG-7 is also an ideal gun for 1-vs-4 situations with a high damage point and firing rate. Besides, its good range lets players engage in combat from close or medium range.  With a reliable ammo capacity, MAG-7 allows its users to perform a clutch as a pro player.

You should pick an assault rifle as the backup weapon to finish enemies in case you miss some bullets with your MAG-7. But shotguns are not good options for a 1-vs-4 situation unless you are a legendary-level shotgun master.

Mag 7 Free Fire
MAG-7 Free Fire

#5. M249

M249 is often a decent gun for bullet spray and a 1-vs-4 clutch in many FPS games like Free Fire. As a strong machine gun, it has an amazing ammo clip size of 100 bullets. It's enough for most FPS masters to clear one or two teams.

Though its single-shot hit point is not high, this gun has a high firing rate and damage per second. Pro players often combine this machine gun with a sniper to cover from close-range to long-range combat. However, no matter which weapon you use, you must master your aiming and firing skills.

Clownfish M249 Skin Free Fire
M249 has a high rate of fire.

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