Rahul, a prominent figure in the Free Fire community, has made a significant impact through his YouTube channel, TRKF Gaming. Over the years, Rahul has managed to cultivate a substantial online presence, amassing a remarkable 1.26 million subscribers on his channel. Through his content, primarily in the Bengali language, he offers viewers insightful videos and shorts focusing on Free Fire events and upcoming features.

Rahul's engaging and informative content has garnered him a substantial following on other social media platforms as well. His Facebook page boasts an impressive 76k followers, and he has garnered 8.3k followers on Instagram, further highlighting his influence within the gaming community.

TRKF Gaming 's Free Fire ID and Stats

Rahul's Free Fire ID is 1285612673. He currently holds a Diamond 4 rank in BR-Ranked Season 34 and a Gold 1 rank in CS-Ranked Season 20. As the leader of the guild "WINNERS," with the Guild ID 3031157731, Rahul's influence stretches beyond individual gameplay.

Trkf Gaming

Lifetime stats

TRKF Gaming's Free Fire BR Career stats (Image via Garena)
TRKF Gaming's lifetime stats in Battle Royale

Delving into Rahul's in-game statistics reveals a captivating journey. In solo matches, he has participated in 3974 games and emerged victorious 144 times, showcasing an impressive win rate of 3.62%. Throughout his journey, he has managed to secure 5194 eliminations, yielding a commendable K/D ratio of 1.36.

In duo matches, Rahul maintains a win rate of 4.78% with 85 victories out of 1777 games. His elimination count stands at 2105, resulting in an average K/D ratio of 1.24.

Among the various game modes, squad matches stand as Rahul's forte. With an impressive 1153 Booyahs in 9280 encounters, he commands a remarkable win rate of 12.42%. Rahul has accumulated 16132 frags, achieving a K/D ratio of 1.98.

Ranked stats

TRKF Gaming's Free Fire BR Ranked stats (Image via Garena)
TRKF Gaming's ranked stats in Battle Royale

As for ranked gameplay, Rahul's prowess remains evident. In BR-Ranked Season 34, he has participated in seven solo matches, securing victory in one, contributing to a win rate of 14.28%. His eliminations stand at 15, maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.50.

In squad matches during the same season, Rahul has clinched the top position in four out of 33 games, establishing a win rate of 12.12%. With a total of 94 eliminations, he boasts an impressive K/D ratio of 3.24.

TRKF Gaming earning

Rahul's dedication to creating engaging content has not gone unnoticed. According to Social Blade, TRKF Gaming's YouTube channel is projected to earn a monthly income ranging between $820 and $13.1K. On an annual scale, these earnings are estimated to fall within the range of $9.8K and $157.5K.

TRKF Gaming's estimated monthly income (Image via Social Blade)
TRKF Gaming's earning through YouTube

YouTube Channel Journey: Rahul's journey as a content creator commenced several years ago, and his consistent efforts have borne fruit. Over the span of less than four years, he has uploaded over 950 videos on his TRKF Gaming channel, accumulating a staggering 83 million views. The channel's subscriber count has witnessed exponential growth, increasing by 260k within a short span of time.

In the last 30 days alone, Rahul's channel has gained over 30k subscribers and garnered an impressive 3.282 million views, according to Social Blade's estimations. This rapid growth is a testament to Rahul's engaging content and his ability to resonate with a dedicated gaming community.

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