Genshin Impact players can find six Brilliant Mirror Puzzles in Veluriyam Mirage. It's easy to solve these puzzles and get valuable rewards from treasure chests. Check out all locations and solutions to these puzzles here.

I. Brilliant Mirror Puzzle Locations

There are six Gleaming Lamp puzzles using Brilliant Mirrors in Veluriyam Mirage - the exclusive map of the Secret Summer Paradise event. You can find all these puzzles in the Pavilion of Hermits, including one underground puzzle.

Five of them can be found on the ground while you explore the area and do event quests. To solve these puzzles, you have to pick Brilliant Mirrors nearby and install them to the right Gleaming lamps.

Gleaming Lamp Puzzle Locations
Six locations of Gleaming Lamp Puzzles in the Pavilion of Hermits.

You have to use the right mirror to light the corresponding Lamp Gems based on their colors. There are two types of brilliant mirrors: blue and yellow. Moreover, you cannot bring the mirror through the illuminated zones. So, watch your steps and run in dark zones while bringing a brilliant mirror with you.

II. Brilliant Mirror Puzzle Solutions

If you have completed the main quest "Fairground Gathering, Summer Lights Illuminated" in this area, it's easier to understand the mechanism of these lamps. Six Gleaming Lamp Puzzles in the open world in the Pavilion of Hermits operate in the same ways. Here are how to solve these puzzles.

Brilliant Mirror Puzzle
Check out the solutions to six Brilliant Mirror Puzzles in the open map.

#1. Puzzle 1

The first puzzle includes three gleaming lamps, one of which can be moved along a trail. Follow these steps to solve this puzzle.

  1. Push the movable lamp to the other side;
  2. Install the blue mirror on that movable lamp;
  3. Install the yellow mirror on the lamp on the left of the chest.

When the yellow lamp illuminates the yellow gem above the treasure chest, the Exquisite chest is unlocked.

Puzzle 1
This is the solution to the first puzzle.

#2. Puzzle 2

From the first puzzle, you head east to reach the second puzzle. It's easy to spot this puzzle on the ground. Then, follow these steps to solve it.

  1. Push the movable lamp to the other side to illuminate the lamp with the blue gem;
  2. Install the blue mirror on the movable lamp;
  3. Install the yellow mirror to the lamp with the yellow gem near the slime boxes.

Remember that you cannot bring mirrors to move through the light. Therefore, you have to push the lamp at the right moment.

Puzzle 2
Install the mirror to the right lamp base on the color of the gem it illuminates.

#3. Puzzle 3

You can find the third puzzle in the south of the first one. It's a very simple one as you only need to pick the blue mirror and install it on the only lamp there to unlock the normal chest.

Puzzle 3
This is the easiest puzzle in this event.

#4. Puzzle 4

The fourth gleaming lamp puzzle is also simple. You only pick the yellow mirror and install it on the only lamp there. Then, the barrier sealing the normal chest will be removed. This chest gives you 2 Primogems, a Joyeux Voucher, and many normal materials.

Puzzle 4
This is another simple gleaming lamp puzzle in the Pavilion of Hermits.

#5. Puzzle 5

The fifth gleaming lamp puzzle is a little more difficult than the previous ones. There is a lamp placed higher on a raised wooden platform. You can reach it by climbing the ladder. Follow these steps to solve this puzzle.

  1. Install the blue mirror on the lamp illuminating the chest;
  2. Pick the yellow mirror and climb the ladder to install it on the high lamp;
  3. Install the yellow mirror on the lamp on the right of the chest.

You will get a Precious treasure chest after solving this gleaming lamp puzzle. This chest gives you a lot of valuable rewards, including 40 Priomogems.

Puzzle 5
Start with the lamp illuminating the chest before moving to the high lamp on the raised wooden platform.

#6. Puzzle 6

The last puzzle is located underground. You can get the from the cavern entrance on the southern stage of the Pavilio of Hermits. Enter the cave until you reach three gleaming lamps. Follow this instruction to solve the puzzle.

  1. Pick a yellow mirror and set it in the lamp next to the lollipops;
  2. Pick the blue mirror near candy candles and boxes;
  3. Climb the ladder and fix the blue mirror to the lamp on the high platform.

Then, you can unlock an Exquisite treasure chest for 5 Primogems, a Joyeux voucher, and many normal materials.

Puzzle 6
The sixth brilliant mirror puzzle is an underground puzzle.

Those are all six gleaming lamp puzzles in the open map of the Pavilion of Hermits. There are three other Brilliant Mirror Puzzles inside the tent in the Pavilion of Hermits during the main quest in this region.

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