What Are The Best Survival Games To Play On PC In 2023

Muhammad Kumar - Jul 30, 2023 | PC/Console

The best games for surviving against the odds.

The strong allure of survival games is easily understandable. It taps into our innate instinct to fight for survival, making it captivating to experience this struggle within the realm of games. The finest survival games on PC push players to their limits, presenting them with challenging scenarios that require innovative solutions.

Going beyond a simple health bar, survival games demand players to manage various aspects of their well-being, such as hunger, thirst, extreme temperatures, disease, and other threats. Players must explore, gather resources, craft tools and gear, construct shelters, and engage in activities like hunting, fishing, cooking, and farming. Some survival games go beyond personal survival and involve guiding a colony or settlement safely through harsh conditions by managing resources, establishing laws, and solving societal issues.

With such a popular genre, the question arises: which games offer the most immersive survival experiences? Below, we've compiled our favorite examples of simulated survival on PC, whether it unfolds among the stars, in the depths of the earth, or in perilous environments infested with monsters, mutants, zombies, dinosaurs, or the most formidable adversary of all: other players. Here, we present the best survival games on PC.

V Rising

Although vampires are typically considered immortal, survival becomes a primary concern in V Rising. Despite their eternal nature, players take on the role of an ancient vampire and must engage in tasks like resource gathering, management, base building, and avoiding direct sunlight. While it may seem unusual for a vampire to chop down trees and operate a sawmill, these elements come together seamlessly. Players have the opportunity to construct their base, transforming it into a formidable gothic castle, and even enchant NPCs to serve as loyal minions. Additionally, there is a wide array of enjoyable vampire powers to discover and utilize in combat, further enhancing the game's blend of RPG action and survival mechanics.



The Early Access co-op Viking survival game quickly attracted a large audience, and the reasons for its popularity are evident. Its vast procedurally generated world, challenging boss battles, and well-designed base-building mechanics blend seamlessly with survival aspects such as cooking and crafting. While solo play offers a fulfilling experience, the game truly excels in co-op mode, allowing players to collaborate on constructing bases or embarking on perilous voyages across the sea to explore hazardous new continents.

Valheim Best Seeds For Building


Venture into an extraterrestrial, submerged realm as you navigate your personally crafted submarine through enigmatic underwater landscapes. Encounter stunning coral reefs, explore deep-sea caves and trenches, all while collecting essential resources and sustenance. Construct habitats and a fleet of submarines, and develop advanced technology to endure the challenges of the depths. While drawing parallels to Minecraft is inevitable, the developer, Unknown Worlds, has managed to infuse their distinct and original touch into this survival genre.


Imagine being miniaturized by Obsidian and placed in an ordinary backyard, which, at your reduced size, resembles an expansive jungle. In this enchanting world, you'll encounter perilous killer spiders, ravenous birds, and pesky ants. Despite the challenges, you have the opportunity to construct a base by felling blades of grass and scavenge for sustenance by roasting aphids and gathering dewdrops. From the viewpoint of someone as tiny as a bug, the environment appears breathtakingly beautiful and filled with marvels.

Grounded Poster 1920


Frostpunk combines elements of city-building, society simulation, and survival within a bleak and icy world. Starting with only a few cold, hungry, and discontented individuals, you must create a functional city within a snow-covered crater, relying solely on a massive coal furnace for warmth. Resource gathering and food hunting are essential tasks, while managing your citizens' morale becomes crucial by instilling hope for a better future. This challenging and visually striking survival game constantly presents you with tough decisions at every step of the way.

Frostpunk Pc Game

Project Zomboid

When it comes to seeking intricate and comprehensive survival systems in an expansive sandbox simulation, there's a singular game that perfectly matches the criteria. This zombie survival game may present a steep learning curve, but once you grasp the mechanics of its diverse systems, you'll uncover an endlessly captivating and challenging experience within the unforgiving post-apocalyptic setting.


Embark on a journey of looting buildings, crafting essential gear, engaging in farming and fishing activities, and confronting the undead (or opting for stealthy avoidance). Throughout your adventure, you'll wrestle with various obstacles, ranging from injuries and diseases to battling boredom and the repercussions of making too much noise while on the move.

Undoubtedly, this extraordinary zombie survival simulation stands apart from anything else currently available, offering an immersive and brilliant gaming experience.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov takes survival games to a brutal new level, adding a touch of battle royale excitement for extra flair. Unlike conventional persistent worlds, you're placed on a map alongside a handful of players and numerous enemy NPCs. The key to survival is reaching the exfiltration zone at the map's opposite end. A unique aspect is that anything you loot can be either sold on a player-driven marketplace or used in future rounds, akin to a high-stakes poker game, but with an even greater sense of fear.

What truly sets Tarkov apart, however, is its hyper-realistic gunplay and incredibly extensive gun customization options, which add to the game's overall appeal and immersion.

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