The Secret Summer Paradise event has four hidden world quests on the map Veluriyam Mirage. Let's check where to start these Genshin Impact world quests before the map is closed.

#1. Daiya's Three-Day Reverie

To start the world quest in Thinkers’ Theater, you have to find and interact with the Park Announcement Speaker. This speaker will give you the instruction for the next mission. To complete this quest chain, you need to complete three shows:

  • The Black Nacre and the All-Devouring Kraken;
  • Petrifying Gaze
  • Skycastle Saviors

This world quest gives you 120 Primogems and a lot of Mora. You can open many treasure chests during the quest progress.

Daiyas Three Day Reverie
Daiya's Three-Day Reverie gives you a lot of Primogems and rewards.

#2. Returning Curios

You have to complete three main quests in Veluriyam Mirage to unlock the world quest "Returning Curios". Find Idyia in the Silver Bottle Courtyard to start this quest. During this quest chain, you need to find three hidden treasures scattered in different spots in Veluriyam Mirage.

All three treasure chests spawn in the Silver Bottle Courtyard. After collecting three mementos around this region, you bring them back to Idyia. Then, you can bury your own item in one of three locations on this map. This easy quest only gives you 20 Primogems.

Find Hidden Treasure Chests
Find hidden treasure chests according to the given hints.

#3. Capturing Light and Shadow

Capturing Light and Shadow is a hidden quest in an underground cave south of the event map. It would help if you used the Choo-Choo Cart to enter that cave. To unlock this quest, you must complete the first part of three event quests.

Then, explore the cave and free five Hydro Eidolons to let them unlock projectors. When all projectors are unlocked, you can enter the Preprint picture to restore four Mural Pieces to their right places. Afterward, you will get 40 Primogems from this quest.

Solve The Mural Pictures
Solve the Mural picture puzzle in the Capturing Light and Shadow quest.

#4. A Starry Night, as Remembered

After completing the first part of three event quests in Veluriyam Mirage, you can also unlock the world quest "A Starry Night, as Remembered". Follow these steps to reach the quest location and complete it.

  1. Go to Rail Junction;
  2. Switch to the Violet Flower rail;
  3. Board the cart to the isolated campsite in the desert;
  4. Talk to Jeronney waiting inside the tent;
  5. Open the clock and change the time. You need to take a picture of the sky between 19:00 and 5:00.
  6. Head to the photo-taking spot and adjust the camera to the sky. Take a photo of the starry night.
  7. Go back to Jeronney to complete the quest and claim rewards in the treasure chest.
Genshin Impact A Starry Night As Remembered
Go to the desert to start the quest "A Starry Night As Remembered".

These four hidden world quests give players a lot of rewards. Moreover, you can explore many new areas and collect Joyeux Vouchers as well as treasure chests during the progress of these quests.

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