For fans of mobile gaming, it has been fairly difficult to justify their passion for it in previous times. Likewise, the same applies to tablet users, too. Since technology-based innovation has gripped the world, though, gaming on an Android device has reached new heights.

The days of Snake have been replaced by leading PC and console titles that have made a successful transition over to Android, while people are snapping up accessories to enhance the overall experience. People can add game controllers, virtual reality headsets and even stream their gaming escapades to audiences around the world on popular streaming platforms like Twitch. Android gaming has essentially worked its way up the gaming ranks to become one of the biggest and best gaming opportunities in today’s innovative world.

One issue that is certainly leveled at Android gaming is that it has become somewhat saturated, though. In fact, there are practically thousands of products on offer when searching the App Store, making it tricky to know the exact releases to put your time and effort into. Thankfully, that’s where we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the leading Android games below.


Dead Cells serves up a real challenge

Widely regarded as being one of the toughest Android titles to complete in the modern environment, Dead Cells isn’t a free game but it certainly represents a quality product. A title that has received glowing reviews and continues to be downloaded by gamers today, this action-adventure game is a delight to session as you make the most of a fun creation that offers players plenty of stuff to do and environments to explore. Throw in the additional Metroidvania elements and Dead Cells is a blast to play for a few hours.

Bloons TD 6 continues to pull people in

After a somewhat slow start, Bloons TD 6 has experienced notable growth to become one of the best Android games to play right now. Although it isn’t free, this tower defense game is well worth the small investment it costs to download it. There are loads of levels to conquer, towers to navigate your way through, an all-around fun offering, and the inclusion of online cooperative multiplayer is a nice touch that deserves being sampled. Updates continually keep the game fresh, too. Overall, Bloons TD 6 is a game that deserves some serious attention.

Playing online games at McLuck is a great option

Although downloadable titles tend to hog the limelight and be featured in the charts, browser games are still accessible and represent an enticing opportunity. Playing online games at McLuck (website) is a particularly popular pastime at the moment, with this fun and entertaining gaming site hosting a range of releases to get through. From Mummy Power and Wild Hike, to The Greatest Catch and Big Bass Splash, there is something for everyone on this neat and visually pleasing site. The games are genuinely enjoyable to play, too.

Genshin Impact’s still going strong

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact isn’t exactly new this year, but it’s a game that continues to impress. For a free-to-play release, this action RPG title with gacha mechanics is quite remarkable and represents one of the best Android gaming escapades you can possibly embark on. Not only is there plenty of exploration to undertake, but the game offers excellent gameplay and glorious visuals to provide one of the most relaxing gaming packages on earth as you explore the game’s open-world environment.

Other titles to consider include GRID Autosport, Rocket League Sideswipe, Sky: Children of Light, Streets of Rage 4, Legends of Runeterra, Arena of Valor, and Chrono Trigger.