There are seven Luxurious Chests with tons of attractive rewards for Genshin Impact players to collect in Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage. Let's check out their locations as well as how to unlock them.

#1. Pavilion of Hermits

The first Luxurious Chest can be found in front of the Circus Tent in the new region - Pavilion of Hermits. It's locked inside a transparent barrier. There is a Hydro Eidolon outside the barrier, but you need three Water Droplets to dissolve the barrier.

Pavilion Of Hermits
The luxurious chest in the Pavilion of Hermits.

You need to solve two Preprint puzzles in the northwestern and southeastern stages of the tent to free two Hydro Eidolons. Go to these stages, use the streaming projectors, enter the preprinted world, and solve the puzzle by picking and installing the colored brilliant mirrors to the corresponding gleaming lamps with the same color.

#2. Silver Bottle Courtyard

The second Luxurious Chest in Veluriyam Mirage spawns on the highest structure in the Silver Bottle Courtyard. As it's not involved in any quest and mission, a lot of players missed this chest and lots of rewards inside. Follow these steps to reach this spot.

  • Use the Teleport Waypoint in the East of Silver Bottle Courtyard;
  • Keep following the path to the southwest;
  • Find 4-leaf sigils above your head to glide up to reach the top.
Silver Bottle Courtyard
Collect the high Luxurious Chest in the Silver Bottle Courtyard.

The chest is next to a noticeboard. You can get 10 Primogems, a Joyeux Voucher, and many other rewards.

#3. Underground Waypoint

Genshin Impact players must complete the quest "Capture Light and Shadow" to unlock the third Luxurious Chest in Veluriyam Mirage. It must be done in the underground cavern in the south of this map.

Solve The Quest Capture Light And Shadow
Solve the quest Capture Light and Shadow to get a Luxurious Chest.

You can use the Choo-Choo Cart from the southern stage in Silver Bottle Courtyard to reach this cavern. Then, explore hidden tunnels and corners to free five Hydro Eidolons to let them unlock five lamps. Then, you will complete the mission after solving the wall picture.

#4. Violet Flower Trail Challenge

You need to teleport to the main Choo-Choo Cart Stage in Overgrown Valley. Then, switch to the Violet track. Then, the cart will take you to the Violet Flower Trail Challenge spot. Don't leave the cart early or you will have to travel again.

Time Challenge
Complete the Violet Flower Trail Challenge with Choo-Choo Cart.

Change the direction and start the Time Challenge. Then, you will get a Luxurious Chest at the end of the track after completing the challenge.

#5. Triple Choo-Choo Cart Challenges

There is a triple Choo-Choo cart challenge cycle in the Overgrown Valley. You have to unlock the Common and Precious chests to activate the challenge for the Luxurious chest.

Choo Choo Cart Challenge
Complete the triple Choo Choo Cart Challenge in Overgrown Valley.

You can find these three chests near the NPC named Haddo. After completing three rounds successfully, you can open all three chests. You will get 17 Primogems in total.

#6. Returning Curios World Quest

You will get another Luxurious chest from the Curios chest in the Silver Bottle Courtyard. Talk to Idyia to start the quest. Then, follow the quest instruction and complete the objectives and missions. You will get three treasure chests during this quest.

Luxurious Chest
Luxurious Chest is the last treasure chest you get from the World Quest "Returning Curious".

In the third part of the quest chain, you have to play the game Hides and Seeks with three Hydro Eidolons. Then dig the chest where it glows up. You surely have to collect the common and the precious chests before going to find the luxurious chest.

#7. Daiya's Three-Day Reverie World Quest

The last luxurious treasure chest in Veluriyam Mirage can be obtained during the world quest "Daiya's Three-Day Reverie" in the newest area - Thinker's Theater. You have to complete the event quest - Secret Summer Paradise Act 3 to unlock this quest.

During the quest Daiya's Three-Day Reverie, players have to complete three shows, which are also three sub-quests in this quest series.

  • Black-Nacre and the All-Devouring Kraken;
  • Petrifying Gaze;
  • Skycastle Saviors

Then, go to the Broadcasting Station and explore it. Go to the wooden decks and enter the topmost room to access the station. To reach the deck, you can use the Four-Leaf Sigil close to the broken hanging bridge. Upon entering the station, you find a tunnel leading downstairs to find a Hydro Eidolon. Talk to it and complete the quest to claim the Luxurious Chest.

Daiyas Three Day Reverie
Claim the luxurious chest while doing the world quest Daiya's Three-Day Reverie.

These seven chests give players a lot of Primogems in total and five Joyeux Vouchers. Collect all these chests before the map is closed.

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