Pavilion Of Hermits and Thinker's Theater are two new regions in Veluriyam Mirage. Check out all new Genshin Impact Joyeux Voucher box locations in these two areas here.

Joyeux Voucher boxes no. 1 to 20 were obtained in the Silver Bottle Courtyard and Overgrown Valley after the Secret Summer Paradise event Day 1. Let's continue to explore the two new regions and collect 17 other boxes.

#1. Pavilion Of Hermits Voucher Locations

The number of Joyeux Vouchers increases when two new areas Pavilion Of Hermits and Thinker's Theater are unlocked.

Pavilion Of Hermits
Voucher locations in the Pavilion Of Hermits.

Check out seven Joyeux Voucher box locations in the Pavilion Of Hermits here as well as a quick guide on how to get them.

Voucher Box No. Description Image
21 It's locked in a cage. You need to complete the Hydro Eidolon game to open the cage. No 21
22 Above a wooden platform, next to a lamp. No 22
23 On the top of a vendor tent in the south of this area. No 23
24 Above a floating isle inside the large cavern in the east of this area. No 24
25 On the top of an event tent, next to the huge preprint puzzle stage in the north of this area. No 25
26 On a wooden floor on the giant tree in front of the circus tent. No 26
27 Inside the tent in the large cave north of the Pavilion Of Hermits; You can find the entrance of the cavern by looking for the distressed hydro eidolon. No 27

All seven boxes in this area are easy to find. Make sure you don't miss any spots before moving to the next area.

#2. Thinker's Theater Voucher Locations

Thinker's Theater is the fourth area to be unlocked in Veluriyam Mirage after the Pavilion Of Hermits. You can find many interesting activities and new Joyeux Voucher boxes around this area.

Thinkers Theater
Voucher locations in Thinker's Theater.

There are ten new voucher boxes in Thinker's Theater, from box no. 28 to 37. Check out these box locations here.

Voucher Box No. Description Image
28 Near the southern Choo-Choo Cart stage; Use the Four-leaf sigil to reach. No 28
29 Near the roundabout behind the central theater. No 29
30 Underneath the wooden platform near the previous one. No 30
31 Above the wooden ledge outside the cement corridor in the northern castle in Thinker's Theater. No 31
32 Drop down a hole near the river in the east of the central theater to reach a sinking building, the box is on its top. No 32
33 Beneath a large tree branch near the Choo-Choo cart stage. No 33
34 Head southwest from the previous box and use the Four-Leaf Sigils to reach this box in mid-air. No 34
35 Beneath a tree branch on the small island in the south of this area. No 35
36 Do the side quest - Daiya's Three-Day Reverie and get the cart to the cavern in the west, the box spawns near the shipwreck. No 36
37 On the wooden platform near wooden boxes; between Silver Bottle Courtyard and Thinker's Theater. No 37

These voucher boxes also give players 4 vouchers each box. You can get enough vouchers for Kaeya's new skin after picking all 37 boxes all around this event map.

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